Living under the Obama Hordes: Unprosecuted and Ignored Treason

Gulag Bound

Today’s “leaders” of the [former] United States of America consist of an increasingly motley crew of Agenda 21 land-grabbers, confiscators of citizens’ money, anti-Judaism/Christian and pro-Islam adherents and deviants in myriad ways who are headed up by the most perverse person to ever inhabit what was once our White House:  Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama.  And the equally corrupt and collaborative members of a dying US Congress have refused–and still continue to refuse–to stop his now overt and almost daily doses of high crimes and misdemeanors.  Instead, it appears they–as do the Obama Czars and all those who have sworn allegiance to Obama but, certainly not the US Constitution–are enjoying their portion of the booty stolen from the American people that the Obama syndicate provides to them for their silence and/or acquiescence to his demands.

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It’s Time to End Gun-Free Zones

American Thinker

As  I sit here and digest what happened to all of those children, sick doesn’t even  cover the feelings I have for the parents of these innocent children.   However, there is another emotion brewing in my mind as well:  fear.


At  home I own several firearms, and frankly, anyone forcing entry to my home would  have a very short life expectancy.   However, each day I have to send my children off to a place where the only  protection they have is the liberal ideology of wishful thinking.  All it  takes to take my little daughter or teenage son from me is one psychopath like  the piece of evil in Newtown, or the  man who used a knife on several children in China  yesterday.

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Obama Bypasses Congress to Impose Black Boxes


Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean Obama isn’t reducing my country to a totalitarian dictatorship:

Bypassing Congress, the Obama administration has issued a proposed administrative rule, which if adopted, would mandate the installation of “black boxes” in all automobiles and light trucks beginning in 2014.

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Obama Moving To Criminalize Criticism Of Islam

Western Journalism

The whole “conspiracy theory” of the Obama administration being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, purging government documents critical of Islam, and seeking to criminalize the criticism of Islam is just that—a conspiracy theory—isn’t it?

Sadly, it isn’t.

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