New Army Manual Orders Soldiers Not To Criticize Taliban

Family Security Matters

Instead of killing jihadists so  that America can  survive, the U.S. military will “talk nicey-nice” about them.   How many more of  our fine men and women will these barbarians  slaughter? The Tanakh  or the Hebrew Bible orders Jews to militarily  devastate those who are trying to  kill them.  To do otherwise is to spit in the  face of G-d and dishonor his gift  of life on Earth.

This is an utterly cowardly  disgrace and evidence that  we have surrendered to  dhimmitude! Islam is  a totalitarian, misogynistic, supremacist,  triumphalist doctrine – the denial  of ALL human rights – that has NO PLACE in  our once free society or ANYWHERE in  the Western world for that matter.

Janet Levy, Los  Angeles

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Obama: Give Me Dictatorial Powers or I’ll Take Your Country Out

By: Sher Zieve

Well…well. The Obama has finally begun his now-open for all to see and hear demands for a dictatorship over the [former] United States of America. A few days ago, Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama laid out his demands to Congress for not yet pushing the current USSA (aka “Amerika”) and its people over the ostensible fiscal cliff. These demands include: a doubling of his campaign “promise” to $1.6 Trillions in new taxes levied on the American people (which will decimate what’s left of the middle-class…his intent all along), an immediate funding (to Obama) of $50Billions (to be used for political purposes as he sees fit…in other words a “gift” to him personally for any political purposes he deems necessary) and personal unlimited sole authority to raise the USSA’s debt ceiling as he desires…whenever he wants.

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