8 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

      • No one can add anything to it; or take anything away.

        AND, says everything!

      • It does doesn’t it.

      • I was sitting at the computer reading … the Truth really is that simple and easy to tell….no complications…just the bare bone fact.

      • But you hace a corrupt government and the media is complicit.

      • The Media didn’t start out that way. This is a GREAT example. When Bush boy was running for President, there was a newsman in Ft. Worth, TX that did his job!
        He was on WFAA-TV and reported Bush’s background in the Air National Guard. He never for formation. He had hangovers. He crashed a National Guard Plane because he was drunk. Like a lot of young people in the universities, he played around drinking, drugging, you know…wine, women and song.
        The reporter was fired; and NO ONE would hire him. IF you have the opportunity and want to see who he is and what he looked like, buy “In the Electric Mist” with Tommy Lee Jones. (the movie is a keeper and cheap!) He plays a relatively “bit part” of a cop…so you can’t miss him.

        Long story short, that was the last time the Media actually reported ALL OF THE NEWS. So WE have to dig and dig.
        Obama? Look what happened to Breitbart!!! So, NO, they are not going to go too far off the farm as far as Obama is concerned.

  1. Bush Correction: “He WOULD NEVER SHOW UP for formation.”

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