If nation goes over fiscal cliff, Obama will be sunning himself in Hawaii

American Thinker

The  Hawaii Reporter says the 20 day trip will cost taxpayers $4  million.

But  that’s a small price to pay for our Dear Leader’s comfort.

Keith  Koffler:

President  Obama is reportedly scheduled to be vacationing in Hawaii  on January 2, the  date billions in spending cuts – and untold  consequences for the economy – will  kick in if a deal is not reached on  the “fiscal cliff.”

According  to the  Hawaii Reporter,  residents who live in the area of Oahu where Obama and his  family  vacation have been told that the usual restrictions on their movements   during an Obama stay will be in place for 21 days, from December 17  through  January 6.

The  White House has not officially announced the vacation, and it is  unclear if the  travel plans are finalized or if the Obamas will be in  Hawaii for the entire  three-week window covered by the restrictions.

An  upcoming vacation could provide subtle pressure for Obama to reach  a deal,  since not getting one might force him to cancel his coveted  time in Hawaii.  Even though the election is behind him, Obama’s advisers  would probably think  it too much of a public relations nightmare to  have the president luxuriating  in paradise while the country embarks on a  season of massive  pain.

In  the past, Obama has made sure he got his vacation time in – even  extending his  scheduled Hawaii sojourn after being forced to delay its  start because of  negotiations with Congress.

What’s  more, the Obamas skipped their traditional August trip to  ritzy Martha’s  Vineyard, an excursion that would have contrasted too  severely with a candidate  supposedly fighting for the middle class. They  presumably are more than eager  at this point to get away.

There  is serious doubt that Congress can get a deal done before the first of the year.  That means that just about the time that tens of thousands are getting pink  slips due to budget cuts, and milllions will be seeing a smaller paycheck. the  president will be showing off his impressive pecs to reporters on some pristine  beach owned by a rich guy who supported him.

Good  to know our president cares so much about the little guy.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/11/if_nation_goes_over_fiscal_cliff_obama_will_be_sunning_himself_in_hawaii.html#ixzz2DfEujuvW

3 thoughts on “If nation goes over fiscal cliff, Obama will be sunning himself in Hawaii

  1. Does he swim without his SS men beside him? If so perhaps a Shark attack of great proportions will occur or even a Sting Ray stab in the heart while rare maybe just maybe! Of course I realize that this would mean almost instantaneous death for the attacking animal due to his acidic and caustic personality and poisonous system! But we could enshrine the critter and make a National Holiday in honor of the creature that would do us such a great service!
    I would hope for a successful undertoe but then it would be years before all the fish replenished after the fish kill as a result of his drowning! But then agains we could restock things pretty rapidly!

    • It’s hard for them to swim and not get your gun wet.

      • Do they give a rats ass if it gets wet? I do not think so and even in salt water hell it’s our tax money providing the guns, ammo and the whole nine yards! Shoot it would not surprise me if he has a whole Seal team swimming around him for protection . But then again he would not use the Seals as they hate his guts anyhow!

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