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Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

There can be little doubt that Obama sees himself above the law and has little use for the United States Constitution.

At this point we have little to fear about Hillary and her signing a U.N. Gun Ban Treaty.  Use a little logic here, if she could have pulled this off, she would have.

It is only a matter of time until he crosses the proverbial line in the sand that we the people will have had enough.

Perhaps he sees himself as an emperor or a modern-day dictator.  The fact remains, any treaties he or his minions sign be they by proclamation or executive order are null and void. The proof to my suggestion can be found here in the U.S. Constitution.

To which the reader may choose to retort, but Obama will just call the 2nd Amendment null and…

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  1. Is Jim a Patriot or is he a liar? That is the question! should I take his word for that Hillary will not do the Gun Ban ! I am not so sure that he is on track! I have made inroads to my Senator who is a positive Gun advocate and he has a Bill ready and in motion s.2205 to head off this action hopefully!
    But on the other hand I hope that Campbell is on the target which will save this action and the bill if passed can camp on prevention!!!! Here is hoping it gets past reed and associates!
    Better known as the ignorrant Liberals from the Russian circles and they have also referred to them as illiterate and Putin called them Dumb! Can this be for real? The Russians are perhaps showin more intellect from experiencing a failed system! Putin even goes so far as to call Marxist and Lenninist followers likened to obamites as living in a illusion! In otherword delusional are they that swing from the trees with obama!

  2. Hey there 1dragon how difficult is it to add edit to your comments section for editing ones post of errors after oversight entries! The edits would be for those that made the entries only of course! I have run across and used this method to remove grammatical errors on other article posts!
    But for now I will keep trying not to make mistakes before entry! Just asking there guy!?

  3. We, perfectionists, are like that, ya know. lol.

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