2 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx: “Give Honor To God And Our Lord & Savior Barack Obama”

  1. While this may offend some people, I don’t care. I’m past caring. FACT: It’s the “Black” Black People that are the Racists. Al Sharpton, Reggie Jackson, Van Jones- whenever anything happens, or if anything is said about Barry- it’s immediately racially motivated. ENOUGH! Lincoln freed the slaves that should have never been enslaved and Dr. King got them the rights they should have never lost. There are few still alive that had to endure the senseless crap during the civil rights era and NOBODY still alive from the time of slavery. Stop using race as a crutch, an excuse, and take responsibility for yourself and your actions. You can style and profile with your big shiny wheels, expensive shoes, gold teeth and the like but you want your “Obama Money” instead of doing what most hard working, honest people do- which is work. I’m tired of the excuses, of my hard earned money going to some lazy ass who’s car is worth more than my home all because of state and federal programs that allow this crap to continue. Mothers teaching their daughters to have multiple kids by multiple fathers so they can get the most from the system. And don’t ANYBODY tell me it doesn’t happen. I’ve witnessed it personally. I lived in some of the worst areas this country has to offer but I busted my ass and made something of myself. And for this moron to come out and make this statement- the only thing he has saved is his own ass. He is killing this country- its economy, its leadership system, its military, and its guiding principles. And self righteous idiots like this just make it worse.

    • Did you know that MLK was a Republican? If he was alive today, the Blacks would probably lable him an Uncle Tom. I also don’t care about Jamie Foxx. It just means I will save money by not going to any of his movies.

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