3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. look at dem lips looks like he is puckering up to kiss another warm sphinxter muscle! Moocheele has made him refrain from nights out with the boys! Ever since he killed his last 3 squeezes!

  2. At first my jaw would drop would we’d catch him in an out and out lie.
    Then it became shock that he continued.
    Now? My feelings vacillate between hate and disgust every time he opens his mouth about ANY subject because we all know…the man never speaks the truth about anything that has to do with him being “responsible” for anything.
    He knows and is quite confident in himself that he can get away with anything he chooses to do; knowing we really can’t do anything about it. He proved that when he defrauded all of us again getting into the Oval Office. And, HE HAS NO INTENTIONS OF EVER LEAVING.

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