No Apology for American Greatness

Family Security Matters

While conservatives might be in a bit of a post-election funk,  this is no  time to compromise our principles-especially on foreign  policy and national  security, where Team Obama’s record has been less  than stellar to say the  least.

Rather, now is the time to dig deep and fight for the conservative   principles that made this country the great and benevolent power it has  been  and should continue to be.

Surrender to the misguided efforts of this Administration on international  affairs is by no means an option.

Instead, we should be insisting-indeed, demanding-that the following  ideas  become the bedrock of our foreign and national security policy:

  • Maintain a strong national defense. With the  possibility  of sequestration looming, we can’t take this principle for  granted. The best  military in the world needs to be equipped with the  finest weapons systems in  sufficient numbers. Military might is an  essential pillar of American power,  alongside deft diplomacy and  economic energy, which support our influence and  protect our interests  abroad. Diplomacy is always more effective when backed by  the credible  threat of the use of force. Weakness-even the perception of  weakness-is a  gateway to provocations from those who oppose us and seek to do  us  harm. Deterrence and dissuasion, based on military power, is critical to   fending off those challenges to our well-being.
  • Rely on American power. The Obama Administration  touts  multilateralism and international organizations as the foundation  of our  international engagement. However, insisting upon this may be the  exact reason  that the Administration’s policies have been so  ineffective. Outsourcing our  foreign policy on tough issues to the likes  of the United Nations is a big  mistake. As has been said before, a lack  of consensus is no excuse for a lack  of leadership. America should act  multilaterally when it can and unilaterally  when it must in support of  its national interests. Period.
  • Assert American exceptionalism. This country is  unique in  the history of humankind. And never has one nation done so  much for so many,  for so little thanks as the United States of America.  We are, without question,  “exceptional.” As such, we shouldn’t be afraid  of promoting across the globe  the principles that made us great and  will keep us great. We should never  apologize for that.


American foreign policy really comes down to this question: Are this  country’s best days behind us, or are they yet to come?

The answer to that question is not pre-ordained-unless we refuse to  speak  out in the public square in the aftermath of the election for the  conservative  principles that made this country both great and  exceptional.

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2 thoughts on “No Apology for American Greatness

  1. I’m all for it. Now lets get rid of all the politicians and lobbyists , along with an illegal president, and do it!

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