Egyptians Torch Muslim Brotherhood Office After Morsi Grants Himself Dictator-Like Powers…

Weasel Zippers

Via Egypt Independent:

Protesters in Alexandria have reportedly stormed the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters and set it on fire, after Muslim brotherhood members and revolutionary activists began shouting matches following the Friday prayer in front of the Al-Qa’ed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria.

Political forces there have staged marches throughout the day to protest President Mohamed Morsy’s new constitutional declaration, which granted him unprecedented powers, gave immunity to the Constituent Assembly and the Shura Council, and made all of Morsy’s decisions since he took office legally unchallengeable.

These anti-Morsy marches coincided with pro-Morsy marches organized by the Muslim Brotherhood. When the two groups passed by each other, they began verbally sparring.

10 thoughts on “Egyptians Torch Muslim Brotherhood Office After Morsi Grants Himself Dictator-Like Powers…

  1. Well now isn’t this a sight! At least those muslim morons are showing some balls unlike Americans! But much like the Americans they are getting their little piece of the obama Pie! This was and is obama’s appointed homeboy for their pleasure and already they have awakened to the unstructured but yet illicit operations and doings of the obama like leadership! ” I will tell Congress what is Constitutional” !!!! Anything look and sound familiar here and how many weeks ago was it that he met with these Brotherhood International Criminals! I wonder how long it will be before trumpka POS of a POS goes to Egypt to force Union Labor and Criminal activities on these people! Yet the fun loving Americans do not have the gonads to show this type of civil unrest until it is to late! Our Congress are a bunch of ass kissers just like the FBI has become likewise under this Administration as well as our chickenshit military leaders!!

  2. Make no mistake, Obama is trying the same thing here that happened there. 20,000 marines fired? Massive downsizing of the military and its arsenal. A major fight is around the corner and lots of people not only know it, they are getting ready for it.

    • You know it’s true, because we are all racist who are against him or anyone in his adminstration.

      • I wish they would get in contact with me! It is long past due!

      • Seems a bit strange. Terrorist attacking terrorist but let them destroy each other.

      • We are not being racist in this respect but we are being bigottted in the respect that we do not wish to see our Country destroyed and we do not desire the total absurdity of this Republic going to the dump based on the actions of a bunch of idiots and a usurper! I blame the upper crust of our Government for this and look forward to seeing there destruction!

      • When Progressives/Liberals/Socialist protest, that’s okay according to the Left. When it’s the Tea Party, Patriots, Republicans, then we have no right. We are racist, or domestic terrorist.

      • They really do get “actions” of a person confused with racism.
        We ARE talking about his “actions”; and actions have nothing to do with RACE. TO make actions about RACE…you have to come right out and state, he IS doing it because he is black.
        And, that’s not the case. IF they’d think about it….he could NOT have gotten into office without the White vote…to go with the black vote.
        And, the Blacks are leaving him in droves because OF HIS ACTIONS… NOT his color.

      • So right you are 1dragon!

  3. Upaces, Where are you coming bye information of decenting blacks leaving his support? I have not seen any large movement of this type indicated!

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