Hanoi Jane Honored

The American Spectator

I didn’t know Jane Fonda was still around either. But sure enough, the soon-to-be-75 actress, left-wing activist, fitness fanatic and general flake is not only sitting up and taking solid food — health food by the look of her, she doesn’t have enough fat on her to make a candle — has just received another award.

Something called the L.A. Press Club has bestowed its annual “Visionary Award” on Hanoi Jane. Why? I wondered that too. The club explains that the award is bestowed on someone in the entertainment industry (is Jane still entertaining?) who “uses their (sic) high-profile status to make the world a better place and to spread information about issues of freedom and social importance.”

Dang. You knew it would be something like that. The club didn’t make it clear exactly how our Jane made the world better. Could it have been hamming it up with her North Vietnamese pals on the anti-aircraft gun whose function was to shoot down American fliers? Perhaps it was for divorcing Ted Turner. Who knows exactly what her visionary works were. Most visionaries I’ve encountered have either eaten too little and seen God, or drank too much and seen snakes. Whatever the case with Jane, it is doubtless a left-wing vision. Which I guess is why she appeals to the L.A. Press Club.

3 thoughts on “Hanoi Jane Honored

  1. Why the hell would ANYONE want to honor her!!!!
    and NO that was not a question!

  2. Somebody PLEASE put this treasonous witch out of our misery.

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