The U.N. Tilt to Terrorists

Family Security Matters

Nowhere  in the charter of the United Nations is there any mandate for the  U.N.  to stack the deck in favor of terrorists. Yet that is exactly the effect   of the current U.N. furor over conflict between Israel and the  terrorists who  control Gaza.

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Why the GOP Will Not Challenge Vote Fraud… Can This Be?

Knowledge Creats Power

GOP legally BARRED from fighting vote fraud

photo: Gulag Bound

30 years later, consent decree violation claims still threaten

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Hanoi Jane Honored

The American Spectator

I didn’t know Jane Fonda was still around either. But sure enough, the soon-to-be-75 actress, left-wing activist, fitness fanatic and general flake is not only sitting up and taking solid food — health food by the look of her, she doesn’t have enough fat on her to make a candle — has just received another award.

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Congress Could Push Gun Control by the End of the Year


Soft tyranny will inevitably transition to hard tyranny. But this cannot happen so long as the population retains means to defend itself from the government. This is why the Founding Fathers placed so much emphasis on the right to bear arms, and why our Democrat rulers, drunk on victory over the hapless GOP, will soon attempt to disarm us:

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