Amid economic crisis, European Union approves $6.3 billion in aid for Muslim Brotherhood Egypt

Jihad Watch

Priorities, priorities. As far as the Eurodhimmis are concerned, a rapidly Islamizing state pursuing an increasingly belligerent path toward Israel is worth supporting, even while they’re going broke. “Aid amid austerity: Egypt to receive over $6bn in aid from EU,” from RT, November 14 (thanks to Joe):

The European Union has approved a US$6.3 billion financial aid package for Egypt. The news comes as Europe is paralyzed by a general strike and mass protests as people are tired of deepening recession and strangled by constant budget cuts.­The European Investment Bank is to grant Egypt 2 billion euro ($2.55 billion), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development a further 2 billion euro and EU countries will also allocate a further 1 billion euro, the office of the Egyptian president said on Wednesday.

The statement was released after President Mohamed Morsi met with EU Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton.

Egypt is to sign a memorandum of understanding with IMF representatives for the loan this week. It is “a strong sign of EU’s support for Egypt’s path to development,” the president said.

The Egyptian economy is still recovering after the overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 and subsequent political turmoil.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the EU to protest drastic austerity measures introduced by authorities to cope with the recession.

Spain and Portugal are facing general strikes, while Greece and Italy are seeing many walkouts. Millions of people from some 20 EU nations are expected to take part in the European Day of Action and Solidarity.

And as many Europeans are not happy to bail out struggling EU economies at a cost of their pensions and wages, the question is how they are going to react to paying Egyptian bills.

2 thoughts on “Amid economic crisis, European Union approves $6.3 billion in aid for Muslim Brotherhood Egypt

  1. This is absolute insanity! The whole damn world has gone mad! For gosh sake let them dig their own way out of the hole that they buried themselves in! Not to mention does anyone think that these radical ass muslims will be grateful in anyway for this bailout via the Europeans! Well I guess they want the muslims to kill them as the Egyptians will probably buy weapons with a large portion of the 6.3 billion and then turn same weapons on the idiots that made it possible for them to get the money! Well I expect that the Europeans should be quite upset! This is utter horseshit!

  2. I agree, especially considering we have been doing the same thing. Chris Stevens was overseeing the sales of arms , intel, and God knows what else to the Muslim Brotherhood- our supposed enemies. We have MB sleeper cells all over OUR country, and the MB has an open invitation to the White House anytime they want to see Barry. Not only is it ridiculous, it’s treason at the highest level. WE, as Americans and Patriots, need to band together and get him impeached thru any legal way available. Even if it takes clearing out Congress and putting in Americans who believe in America.

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