Democrats No Longer Care

Western Journalism

The election revealed the true nature of the supporters of Barack Obama; they do not care about anyone but themselves. The Free Obama-phone Lady from Ohio is now the face of America. If you don’t give her free stuff, you suck. After a hard day of ranting about how great Obama is and how evil conservatives are, she goes home to watch her flat screen TV she got with her Obama-bucks EBT card.

Voter Suppression

The only Americans who were denied the right to vote were the men and women selflessly serving this nation overseas; Obama supporters and no-show Republicans don’t care. This weekend, American celebrates Veteran’s Day. Obama supporters only think of it as a three-day weekend if they had a job. For most entitlement leeches, it’s a day the Post Office takes off, so they have to wait an extra day to get the Bluetooth earpiece for their Obama Phones.

Obama supporters want to cut or eliminate veteran’s benefits so they can provide more freebees to the entitlement class, aka the 47% who do not provide anything of value to society. You can pretty much bet they will complain about a Veteran’s Day parade blocking the street on their way to get Chicken McNuggets with their EBT card in route to Costco to pick up their new flat screen TV. No appreciation for those who made sure that they can enjoy their life choices.

World Events

If Jon Stewart doesn’t lampoon a story, it never happened. Obama supporters never heard of Benghazi and don’t care.  Nor do they know about American soldiers being killed by Afghans they are training to defend themselves. Out of sight, out of mind, Obama Democrats only want their handouts.

The Obama voters don’t know or care about Israel or Iran. When Iran fires a nuclear missile at Israel, the fools will go along and blame the Intelligence community for not reporting the progress of Iran’s nuclear program. They will blame Intelligence whenever Russian and soon-to-be-Chinese nuclear-armed submarines are off the cost of America. Do the Obama supporters appreciate the Chinese for their cell phones?

Veteran’s day

This Veteran’s day is going to be tough for the first time. Vets will know that most of the country doesn’t care about their sacrifices to keep this land free. To my fellow Vets, thank you for your service and thank God for the Grateful Americans who appreciate your sacrifice; they are precious. When I get to the point of losing faith in my country, I see JR ROTC cadets from the local High School placing flags at the grave of vets who PCS’d to Heaven.  I pause, and my faith is restored in the future of this country, and I know that those ungrateful selfish bastards haven’t won yet.

3 thoughts on “Democrats No Longer Care

  1. There’s a portion of Americans We The People simply don’t need! But, What to do with them?

  2. Old1, that portion you speak of feel they don’t need us. So the feeling is mutual.

    But they fail to understand that we are the ones providing them with all of their free stuff.

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