The plot thickens: Petreaus mistress sent threatening emails

American Thinker

I  don’t know quite how to read this WaPo  story about Paula Broadwell as a sort of femme fatale who sent  threatening emails to a woman described as “close” to  Petreaus.

In  one way, it’s self serving – an apparent effort by Petreaus partisans to salvage  at least some of his reputation. But it also explains why the FBI got involved  in the first place:

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Democrats No Longer Care

Western Journalism

The election revealed the true nature of the supporters of Barack Obama; they do not care about anyone but themselves. The Free Obama-phone Lady from Ohio is now the face of America. If you don’t give her free stuff, you suck. After a hard day of ranting about how great Obama is and how evil conservatives are, she goes home to watch her flat screen TV she got with her Obama-bucks EBT card.

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Cover-up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


According to two well-vetted sources with intimate knowledge of the CIA operations and events in Benghazi, the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus is directly related to the testimony he was expected to provide before a closed-door hearing next week before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sources close to the controversy, citing the need for anonymity due to their positions, stated that Barack Hussein Obama was aware of the CIA director’s indiscretions “long before” the November 6, 2012 elections, and knew about the FBI’s investigative findings weeks before the election, but “erected a firewall” to prevent any disclosure before November 6th.

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