Latest White House Petition: Peacefully Grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the USA

Gateway Pundit

Here’s the latest White House website petition: Peacefully grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.

The petition needs 23,000 more signatures. It looks like they’ll get it.

21 thoughts on “Latest White House Petition: Peacefully Grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the USA

  1. Arizona is talking about doing the same thing.

  2. Whoa… holy cow! I live in AZ and had not heard this in the state.

  3. Nice find dragon, let’s hope more states do the same our use the 1O Amendment to nullify Obama Care thus making it implode because there will be no funds to pay for it, J.C.

  4. South Carolina did it once before. Hoping we will do it again. Come on Gov Haley!!!

  5. Is this for real or a joke!? If for real I damn sure want to get our State on board! Shoot the petition only need 60,000 signatures to be legit! Come on 1Dragon you are pulling my leg!? Prove it this may be another obama home made Birth Certificate deal!? I am not buying into this just yet! However I am all for it and will stop a bullet on the front line to preserve the life of one of our younger ones that will hold the future in their hands and has more time left! God say it is so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Do contact me please 1 Dragon!

  7. This won’t be a “deterent” to the presidential impostor, unless more than half of our fifty states do the same thing, or a majority of the population moves to the states that do!

  8. Oklahoma has petitioned
    Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Indiana, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, Oregon, Colorado, New York, Michigan, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arkansas have also petitioned. You can sign for any state doesn’t have to be the one you live in. It takes an email to sign in to sign but it’s pretty easy.

    • You do know the media will say the states are racist on this.

      • They may but I have already answered a liberal who claimed it on an article! I told the stupid Son of a Bitch that it had nothing to do with the color of obamas skin!

    • Yes I signed my States but I also discovered that others that are not from my State also signed our petition and I am afraid that this may void its authenticity! I have not looked at the Texas petition or Louisianna petitions yet but if they are supposed to have only State residence there are going to be dissapointed folks! This is not even an actual means to secede for the States legislatures and Governors would have to be petitioned and agree and then they would via the US representatives and Senators express this in the Congress! This is the effectual way to truely secede! This for which I have participated is merely a very loud protest in which I support and have signed in my State of Georgia and If one goes up to our State Law makers I will Gladly sign it as well for actual secession to be accomplished!

  9. 20 States now have petitions up. At least 3 or 4 of them are likely to pass. It doesnt get much more offical that the US Governments own website (my appologies. I actually typed “more trusted” then realised my own error.

    As a born Louisianian, and a Lifelong Son of the Confederacy, I hope and pray for each and every one of our states to break the chains of Obamanation… and I hope to see you on the other side of the Reborn CSA!

    • It is unlikely to happen from this petition! As it will take your States legislature and the Governors requesting the US Representatives of same State to notify Congress of secession! This is merely a very loud protest and nothing more!

  10. Try 23 as of 2am 11/13/12! New York also has one and some other blue states!!!!

  11. It would be a wonderful thing, if 49 states secede and leave DC “high and dry”! Then, we (the 49) can declare ourselves the “True USA” and leave that little “commie patch” to its own devices! Don’t know that will happen, but it’s sure worth thinking about – -then, we can remove “their citizenship” and deport them to any socialist/commie country that wants them!

    • I dought that would happen. Too many states like, Mich, NY, Calif, Org, Wash, are real Liberal but you never know.

  12. He is pee peeing in his little panties by now!!!

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