Family Security Matters

In 1973 there was a feeding frenzy among journalists who could not consume  the details of the Watergate break-in fast enough. Pulitzer prizes awaited those  with a new factoid or an interview with someone in the administration who broke  ranks with President Nixon. In retrospect, this was a clumsy effort to interfere  with the campaign of the Democratic challenger. There wasn’t any justification  for the act and a clumsy cover-up ultimately brought down the administration.  President Nixon’s resignation was ignominious as the Washington Post  and the New York Times congratulated themselves over the president’s  decision. This was catnip for Nixon haters.

In 2012 there is another apparent cover-up over the attack on the American  embassy in Benghazi, Libya and the subsequent murder of the ambassador and three  colleagues attempting to defend him. Although President Obama claims he did  everything in his power to avoid the tragedy, several facts challenge this  account. He was told several weeks before the attack that it was imminent and  security at the embassy should be bolstered. Drones overhead provided the  president with a bird’s eye view of the marauding mob.

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