THE FULLMOST MEASURE OF SOVEREIGNTY– By default, all candidates are ineligible, not eligible, to hold the office of President until they are proven otherwise.  Natural-born citizens are those citizens born under what America’s founders commonly and mutually held as the natural laws of God which, thereby, afford the individual with natal citizenry protected under both the jurisdiction of the constitutional laws of the nation, and by birth to two citizen parents, without relinquishment of that status by expatriation, renunciation or foreign adoption.

By Dan Crosby
NEW YORK, NY – A report released today by TheBlaze.com further affirms that Barack Obama is not eligible to serve as the U.S. president and, therefore, became an illegal president in 2008, because he relinquished his natural-born citizenship status when he became a citizen of Indonesia and that he, most likely, was adopted by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro.
Upon completion of an investigation in Indonesia, the report by TheBlaze’s Charles Johnson only clarifies public perception that Obama’s Constitutional legitimacy to hold the office of U.S. President will remain permanently damaged in the absence of confirmative evidence proving otherwise.  It was deemed so in this manner so that a candidate’s eligibility could be upheld by the people’s understanding that their welfare was securely held within inviolable sovereignty.
By the expressed Constitutional consent of the people, the office of the U.S. President shall only be held by those individuals who meet the eligibility mandate by a maximal fulfillment of the standards required, not a minimal fulfillment.  This means that a candidate is not entitled to be president based on a lack of evidence which might prove he is not eligible but rather by his ability to demonstrate his full devotion to American sovereignty without plural allegiances.
If this can be accomplished with original documented evidence, the evidence should be provided without contention.  If it cannot be provided, then it is reasonable for the American people to declare that it does not exist and, therefore, the candidate is not eligible, by default.
Candidates who fail to meet the measureable standards of eligibility defined by age and duration of residence as well as the full-most possible precepts of the natural-born citizenship requirement, are inferior and deficient by varying degrees up to and including disqualification, unless they are able to refute their lack of legitimacy with irrefutable evidence.
In order to be seen as legitimate, the candidate must prove he is eligible, not suffer the people to show proof that he is not eligible.  In serving the office illegitimately, Obama has chosen the latter path of minimalism.  The path of inferiority.  The path of usurpation…the path of wrath and vengeance and destruction.
The long-held conclusion that Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and, therefore, not eligible to be President, is based on a lack of evidence proving three primary metrics of his natal citizenship.  Unlike the majority of Obama’s bowing liberal consensus who defend a minimalist fulfillment of the eligibility standards to hold this venerated, blood-ransomed office, in the absence of understanding of the guidance provided by the Constitution, it is imperative that we seek to serve not only the letter of the eligibility law, but the intention of the spirit of the law as well.
There remains no credible documented evidence confirming Obama’s parentage.  We have been told by uncorroborated sources, including the State of Hawaii, that Obama’s father was Barack Obama, Sr., a British citizen from Kenya at the time of Obama’s birth.  However, the only piece of information making any allusion to this parentage is an uncertified .pdf image of an alleged 1961 birth record posted to a series of websites with a history of bias in support of Obama’s claims of legitimacy.
The image of this so-called birth certificate has since been discredited by a formal law enforcement investigation as a forged counterfeit and, therefore, cannot be relied up on whatsoever to validate Obama’s natal identity or natural born citizenship.
Secondly, there is also no evidence confirming with absolute assurance that Obama was born in the U.S.  Since the image of the alleged birth certificate has been determined to be fraudulent, there is now no other public record of Obama’s alleged birth in Hawaii, or anywhere else.  This lack of evidence, by default, disqualifies his candidacy for the office of President.
Finally, there is documented evidence that Obama became a citizen of another country, Indonesia.  This means he lost his natural born citizenship status prior to being elected which, therefore, means he was never eligible for the office of President by on his lack of continuity of natural born citizenship.


  1. I can’t remember the answer to this…so I hope you can.
    They did find his INS records…which PROVED he was NOT from here.
    Do you have any articles about his INS records?
    Oh well, even if you had the records framed in sold gold…unfortunately, it wouldn’t matter. EVERYONE IN D.C. KNOWS.
    They’ve always known.


    • On day one, Barry signed an Ex Order to seal all of his records. There was a guy who looked at the passport records of Barry but before he could talk to anyone he was shot and killed after leaving a church. I did post the story.

  2. this isn’t “news” but I guess there’s new folks finally pulling their heads out of the sand every day so I guess it’s for them to read now

  3. With a complicit media as during the Nazi wartime that will not tell the American people the truth then the truth trickles out slowly. I for one have reached a point of prepareing for the worse and hoping for the best. Now watch as the financial system as wew know goes down as well. This is the real caliphate against America. Just think we have every resourse known to man and they keep sending jobs and our funds out of the United States. When Americans wake up and refuse to do business with any country and start building everything here then will be go back to being the strongest nation on earth. Our country has been and continues to be raped by middle eastern bankers who are pushing out the Jewish Banking system.Oil is now being paid for with gold not the dollar Kissinger set up in the early fifties.Get a grip as you aint seen nothing yet. With the murder of the innocence and
    continuing destruction of the Ten commandments God will not ever bless any country. Americans have a choice. I have made mine ! Prepare.

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