The Impostor Must Go!

Western Journalism

Obama is a fraud, and so is our Congress for having allowed this impostor to bring America down to its knees. Our system of Government no longer works when there is an impostor allowed to play president, and not a single member of Congress is willing to honor their oath of office by simply questioning his eligibility.

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CONFIRMED: US Benghazi SEALs Had Laser Capability and Waited Five Hours For Air Support… But It Never Came

Gateway Pundit

The US SEALs had laser capability and for 5 hours and 15 minutes were wondering when the air support would show up. But it never came. Obama never made the order.

Tyrone Woods begged for air support on 9-11 before his death. It never came.

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Will the Failed & Angry Presidential Hoax Called ‘Barack Obama’ Finally Go Away?


If ever a classic barroom retort for an ugly overstayed-guest made sense, it’s at the 2012 Presidential election: “Barack—You don’t have to leave angry, you just have to leave!” After all, Obama is one of those remarkable figures who feels his every failure is miraculously a blessing to everyone else. When overbearing parents insist of their deranged brat—“My child is a genius!”, they are universally reviled. But why are a failed economy, massive deficits, foreign policy turmoil and depressed populous considered acceptable when delivered by a leftist demagogue with a Chicago accent?

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Pelosi holds secret fundraiser with Islamists

American Thinker

If  the Democrats are proud of their close association with CAIR (an unindicted  co-conspirator in the Holy Land charity trial a few years ago) and other Muslim  groups, why keep a fundraiser featuring a who’s who of Islamists in America  secret?

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