Obama Doctrine: Ft. Hood Was Not Terrorism- Wounded Soldiers Get No Benefits


Victims of the Nov. 2009 Ft. Hood shooting are being denied benefits commensurate with combat injuries because the Obama administration refuses to label the attack an act of terrorism.

Instead, the shooting Maj. Nidal Hasan carried out after screaming “Allahu Akbar” it is still being labeled “workplace violence.”

The difference between labeling the incident “workplace violence” and “terrorism” is not only the rightful recognition 13 of our troops deserve for being killed in service to their country on Nov. 5, 2009, but also ongoing benefits that would help survivors pay for the physical therapy, and other medical and psychological treatments that might be necessary to a full recovery.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has openly stated that the shooting, which took place in his state, was an act of terrorism and that the president such recognize it as such. He said, “President Obama’s refusal to call it an act of terror is a shining example of this administration’s devotion to political correctness over the defense of our men and women in uniform.”

One thought on “Obama Doctrine: Ft. Hood Was Not Terrorism- Wounded Soldiers Get No Benefits

  1. If this is not proof that obama the scum does not care about our Soldiers I do not know what is! I cannot believe that the joint chiefs of Staff had not had resignations over obamas attitude toward the services throughtout his 4 stinking years as dictator and chief! I think the Snipers schools should be given faced targets for practice, you figure out whose face should be on the target. First 2 quesses will not count!

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