Obama’s Not-So-Subtle Attack On Romney’s Mormon Faith: “He’s Not One Of Us”…

Weasel Zippers

Even the WaPo can’t ignore the “racial code” in Obama’s latest attack.

Obama’s ‘not one of us’ attack on Romney echoes racial code — WaPo

“Mitt Romney. Not one of us. ”

That’s the tag line to a tough new ad the Obama campaign is airing in Ohio. But it is one that, ironically, echoes a slogan that has been used as a racial code over the last half century or more.

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Obama Doctrine: Ft. Hood Was Not Terrorism- Wounded Soldiers Get No Benefits


Victims of the Nov. 2009 Ft. Hood shooting are being denied benefits commensurate with combat injuries because the Obama administration refuses to label the attack an act of terrorism.

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