Al Qaida strikes America; America denies reality

American Thinker

Al  Qaida, “The Foundation,” represents resurgent Muslim imperialism, which dates  back to Mohammed, fourteen centuries ago. Like Lenin and the Viet Cong, AQ does  not have to win every fight, only the last one.

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Hillary Falls On Her Sword Over Benghazi


Late this afternoon, Elise Labott of CNN reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had told her that she “takes responsibility” for security problems at the American consulate  Libya, resulting in the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans. Clinton, who is hiding out in Peru while this blows over, took to the microphone to throw herself on the sword. She said “the buck stopped with her” when it came to the embassy, according to Labott. Labott further reported that Clinton stated, “she didn’t want to play any kind of blame game or political gotcha. She understands that the election is coming up and everyone wants to politicize this … She wants to wait for an investigation.” According to Labott, however, Clinton also blamed Congress, as well as other members of government.

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How We Know Obama Is a Communist


Just because it has been thoroughly documented that Obama has spent his life surrounded by Marxists and has been one himself in the past doesn’t mean he is still a communist. Even recent statements like “when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody” and “at a certain point you’ve made enough money” aren’t absolute proof. We know Obama is a communist because people are not allowed to say so by the media establishment that hyped him into power:

On Last Man Standing’s Season 2 premiere, set to air November 2 — four days before the election — [Tim] Allen’s character [which is modeled on Archie Bunker], a Romney supporter lobbies his daughter, Mandy, to vote for the Republican candidate. …

Doyle and Allen did have to fight the network and studio on some content. Specifically, Allen says the standards department took issue with his character calling Obama a communist. Allen fought to keep that in — noting he finds it funny when conservatives paint the president with that label…

Jokes aren’t so funny when they strike too close to home. Not even Tim Allen had enough mojo in Hollyweird to get it past the censors.