by Dan Crosby
of the Daily Pen
NEW YORK, NY – It requires a truly reprobate mind that causes one to refuse the preeminent definition of natural-born citizenship as it was divinely understood by the framers. They declared the Constitutional eligibility mandate in the critical time which required it…and forever more, because, by moral convention, it was simply normal and common to them.
Willful ignorance and shame consumes the ideologue unwilling to accept that those, existing centuries before them, more favored by God, declared natural-born eligibility from a righteous perspective rooted in an eyewitness understanding of the need to disqualify tyranny born of foul parentage, primarily, not just geographic origin.

The Islamic Threat Doctrine and 9/11/2012

Family Security Matters

The Myth of Islamic Democratic Reforms

The mainstream media, U.S. State Department, and President Obama fed us a  steady stream of news in 2011 that Egyptian youth were protesting in the streets  for an Arab Spring of democratic reforms in Egypt.  Fast forward to 2012  and we learned The Muslim Brotherhood orchestrated the propaganda of democracy  in Egypt to get support from the Obama Administration in the ousting of Egyptian  President Hosni Mubarak.

While the press was printing gallons of ink reporting the Muslim Brotherhood  would pursue democratic reforms in Egypt, Mohammad Morsi was consolidating his  political base with the Salafi Islamist fundamentalist,  whose objective  was to institute a Sunni led Shariah compliant Islamic State in Egypt by  overthrowing the colonialist dictator and friend of the United States, Hosni  Mubarak.

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