Muslims Enrolling at Catholic Colleges in Growing Numbers

Family Security Matters

Last year, there was a media firestorm about a complaint filed by a  George  Washington University Professor against The  Catholic University  of  America alleging discrimination of Muslims at the Catholic college.  The  complaint stated that crosses and other Christian symbols were  offensive to  Muslims.

No actual Muslim students were involved in the complaint and now The  New York Times is reporting that Muslims are attending Catholic colleges in  growing  numbers specifically because of their religious nature. And ironically,  they’re sometimes disappointed that some Catholic colleges are not  faithful  enough.

The Times reports that a decade ago, the University of  Dayton had  just 12 students from predominantly Muslim countries, all of  them men. Last  year, the report said, there were 78, and about one-third  of them were women.  And, according to the report, this is not an  anomaly but Muslim populations on  Catholic campuses are growing  everywhere at a rate outpacing those at public  universities. Since 2007  Muslim enrollment at The Catholic University of  America has more than  doubled, from 56 to 122, according to a statement by CUA  President John  Garvey that appeared in The  Washington Post last October.

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2 thoughts on “Muslims Enrolling at Catholic Colleges in Growing Numbers

  1. When was the last time a Christian or a Jew was even ALLOWED NEAR a Muslim Mosque, much less any kind of school? Islam is a cult of death, destruction, and iron-fist rule, Obumma style. It’s beyond a bad joke that we are reorganizing ANYTHING to make them happy. If they aren’t happy here, or with the way the country operates as a whole- don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Strike that- let it slam on you a few hundred times- you might come to your senses.

    • Dumb question:
      What part of “C A T H O L I C” do they not understand?

      They are there ONLY to cause problems as always!

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