All Stop……

You do know you’re missing the DNC by reading this……….. me either.

Mr O is currently using FORWARD for his campaign this time around and we know that this is from the Communist of years ago. It has also come to mt attention that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton will speak at the DNC. So where is the Forward in this?

Jimmy Carter is currently in 2nd Place for the worst President and Bill Clinton gave us Chinagate.

Maybe these two will draw less attention to Mr O. Maybe, but a Communist by any other name is still a Communist. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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Why Blame Obama?

American Thinker

Let  me count the ways.

Before  inauguration.  Senator Obama voted for the budgets he would later  blame on Bush, and for the TARP bailout.  After just two months of TARP,  the Bush administration said it was done — crisis averted.

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