THE LIBERAL YELP HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD:  Throwing the “eligibility” rock into a pack of liberal media, Mitt Romney has discovered attacking Obama’s fraudulent identity is a very effective discourse rooted in apocalyptic truth which has the potential to restore honor, authority and the rule of law back to American government.  Hurting the liberal establishment with the truth about Obama’s fraudulent natal origins and his communist beliefs will allow superiority and exceptionalism to return to America and will likely drive the greatest economic expansion in a generation.  However, the most important result of Romney’s truth message is one which will restore confidence in Constitutional sovereignty of America while he presides over a national recovery after the most lawless regime in American political history.  
Commentary by Penbrook Johannson
Editor of The Daily Pen


NEW YORK, NY – After Mitt Romney’s appearance at a campaign rally in Commerce, Michigan, where he made a poignant and long-overdue reference to Obama’s fraudulent eligibility documentation, it took only minutes for the pro-Obama liberal media to respond.  What followed was an utterly pathetic and shameful display of hate-filled hysterics wrought with delusional allegations of racism.
The desperate attempts to minimize the damage to their “precious” Obama revealed just how vulnerable the fragile psyche of the liberal media has become…and how devastating the epic lies about Obama’s identity have become to their sense of purpose and lust for social justice.
Unfortunately, prior to Romney’s joke on Friday, powerful conservatives were not willing to define the boundaries of standard political discourse outside the limits of the media’s portrayal of Obama’s identity.  The problem with this decision is that it was based on a lie they were told by degenerates who were biased in favor of Obama.  For too long conservative powers have surrendered their most effective message against the radicalism of a social misfit to a fraudulent media authority.
Moreover, Obama’s weak-minded political opponents on the right, including Congressional Republicans and many conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, have long treated his highly suspicious biography as though it was unassailable because they simply did not have the intestinal fortitude to weather accusations of being called racists by foul-minded rejects.  Allegations of racism in protecting Obama has grown stale, old and ineffective for liberals.  In the face of such stark evidence, the public authority is simply not believing that liberal lie anymore.
Instead, Romney’s comment-for-effect has revealed these desperate and vile deceivers attempted to set arbitrary boundaries around Obama which no longer define the fringes of mainstream willingness to attack him upon the very metrics by which he was so dishonestly defined through media lechery.  Obama’s fragile identity has now become fair game and his supporters know, from the top of their head to the depth of their perishing souls, he cannot politically, or socially, survive the argument in this realm.  The truth against Obama’s legitimacy as president has been a desperately concealed weapon of mass destruction that liberals are psychotic to keep hidden.
So, where should Romney go from here?  For many who seek justice for Obama’s violation of Constitutional and civil law, there are no longer any restrictions on Romney’s capacity to wield the eligibility weapon against Obama.  Romney’s brilliant strategy of attacking Obama at the heart of his weakness, his very identity, has triggered terror and desperation among the Obama political machine.  The Obotic horde knows they have no way to counteract the truth that Obama is an undocumented fraud and a rank street hustler whose façade is beginning to crack under the weight of righteous condemnation.
Romney’s advisors need to understand the righteous mandate they hold in the truth about Obama’s counterfeit identity.  They need to learn that Obama is inferior because he is liar, not because of his demography, but because of his foul hatred of vintage American heritage.  They need to package a devastating analysis into an easily digestable but potently destructive message conveying the facts about Obama’s political illegitmacy.  They need to help Romney construct a campaign message which is rooted in the historic truth about America’s Constitutional sovereignty and the rights endowed by our Creator for those who recognize and hold such honorability.
Vintage America must be reminded by Romney why their fathers died and bled.  They need to be told the sacrifice of their fathers was to prevent despots like Obama from attaining power fraudulently and deceptively and that the reason Obama has refused to reveal documents like his birth certificate, college transcripts and other personal records is because they contain information which proves he is the most prolific criminal usurper in history.
Romney’s joke in reference to Obama’s birth certificate shook liberals to their core.  The media’s reaction confirmed this.  More importantly, however, the comment was the manifest destiny of millions of Americans who have been victimized by the single most prolific lie in American political history and who have been sounding the alarm about Obama’s fraudulent identity for years.  Barack Obama is an illegitimate fraud who has never been held to account for his failure to demonstrate that he is eligible to hold the office of the president.  Romney’s comment, in a small but very powerful way, was the culmination of many years of very hard work by patriot citizens.  It was a sign that honor and truth are still alive despite Obama’s attempt to destroy them with “hope and change”.
Romney’s recent expose’ of Obama and his criminal abettors reveals that Romney finally sees the potential of seizing upon the unlimited treasure trove of destructive evidence against Obama that the rest of us have been hewing from the “hypogeum” under the White House for five years.  When the truth hurts a liberal, they falsely believe that if they can just muster enough fake outrage and incredulity in the face of what is, in fact, an accurate accusation against them, that it will somehow convince everyone they are right.
The writings of Satan-lover, Saul Alinski, have been very effective in creating dissonance in the minds of his morally-ill followers by convincing them that when a political opponent has discovered the evil truth about you, you respond, not by speaking truth to the accusation, but by smearing the truth teller with even more lies.  Liberals attack accusations of dishonesty with, well, more dishonesty.  Romney’s comments are the beginning of the end of the liberals’ love affair with their own pathetic sense of purpose in humanity, which has always been based on a lie, just like Obama’s constitutional eligibility and political legitimacy.
Liberals, especially those who blindly support Obama, by their very nature, do not have truth on their side.  They reject facts about Obama’s identity long before they ever sold their soul to him.  This is one of the defining characteristics of Obama’s supporters.  In order to achieve any level of political or economic legitimacy in the minds of the most ignorant citizens, they must lie, cheat or blame someone else for their failures.
In order to manipulate the least intelligent of citizens to vote against his opponents, Obama has used a shiny, trinket-laden cloak of pathetic lies while hiding his communist, anti-American ideology behind accusations of racism and conspiracy.  The teeth gnashing fact for a reprobate like Obama s that nobody actually votes for a liberal, they just believe the lies liberals tell about their opponents in order to justify voting for anyone but them.
Most liberals in 2008 would have re-elected Adolf Hitler if he ran against the republican candidate because the lies told by the liberal establishment, with the help of a corrupt media complex, were so easily swallowed by the slobbering, blood thirsty mob of Bush-haters. In 2008, more people voted against the Republican party than voted FOR Obama.  That’s right. Obama fell into the hole that hatred for Bush left.  He’s never been above ground since.  Most voters who chose Obama did not actually know him, nor did they like him.  They just hated the party of Bush more.
Therefore, in true reprobate form, strident Obama supporters are left with only the sordid option of attacking the bearer of truth.

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