Doctor sues to have President Barack Obama removed from Kentucky ballot

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A Louisville anesthesiologist has asked a Frankfort court to bar President
Barack Obama from the November ballot.

Dr. Todd House — who is running
for president as a write-in candidate with his wife, Suzanne Dudgeon House as
his vice presidential candidate — filed the lawsuit Aug. 10 claiming that Obama
is not a “natural born” citizen, which is required of presidential candidates by
the U.S. Constitution.

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New State Dept. report suggests Obama administration is working toward elimination of nuclear weapons

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A State Department advisory board report  made public Tuesday shows that the Obama administration is studying  cuts in  U.S. strategic arsenals to “very low” levels and ultimately  eliminating nuclear  arms.

The advisory board, headed by former Defense Secretary William Perry,   reflects themes promoted by liberal arms control and disarmament  officials in  the administration and calls for a new U.S. nuclear  doctrine dubbed “mutual  assured stability” based on better relations  with Russia.

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Stimulus Money Spent to Run Obama Ads on MSNBC


What could be more corrupt than Obama repaying the $50,000 George Kaiser raised for his campaign by flushing $535 million of our money down Solyndra? Only this: MSNBC — the hard left “news” channel that ferociously devoted itself to getting Obama elected — was paid to run 100 commercials promoting the Moonbat Messiah’s absurd green agenda with money that was supposedly being used to stimulate the economy.

The ads ran on shows featuring the spittle-spewing Obamunist moonbats Rachel Madcow and Queef Olbermann.

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Leftist El Salvador Politician Who Celebrated 9/11 Attacks Given “Key” To Long Island’s Nassau County…

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Via WSJ:

A politician who celebrated the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. gets the ‘key’ to Long Island’s Nassau County.

Like many New York City bedroom communities, the Village of Freeport on Long Island lost its share of loved ones—including police and firefighters—on 9/11. Over 340 people from Nassau County were killed in the attacks.

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