INTRANATIONAL SECURITY THREAT – A recently released video produced by a group of former and current intelligence and special forces military personnel explicitly confronts Barack Obama’s professional abilities as a president while demanding that he “shut the **** up” when it comes to military operational security and intelligence information.
by Dan Crosby,
of The Daily Pen
NEW YORK, NY – Barack Obama did say transparency would be the “touchstone” of his administration, after all.
Little did anyone think that Obama’s “transparency” would mean his administration’s repeated disclosure of sensitive military intelligence to the enemies of the United States.

Moreover, it is unfortunate that only a few true patriots in our military, beginning with Dr. Col. Terry Lakin, were courageous enough to risk their professional and personal welfare in order to sound the alarm for the American people that Obama isn’t legally qualified to even have an administration, let alone have the opportunity to undermine America’s national security with it.
A recently released video produced by OPSEC (Operational Security) Foundation, a recently formed group of current and former military and intelligence operations personnel, demands that Obama and his administration keep quiet when it comes to divulging operational security and intelligence information merely for his own political benefit.
In the 22 minute video, Dishonorable Disclosures: How Leaks and Politics Threaten National Security, highly experienced and decorated intelligence and military personnel explain the risks of disclosing information about military operations.  They also show evidence that the Obama administration has leaked confidential information about drone missions, agents’ identities, special forces tactics and network security operations.
“As a citizen, it is my civil duty to tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy. It will get Americans killed,” says Navy Seal, Ben Smith in the video “
Beginning in 2009, when evidence began to surface that Obama was not eligible to be president, his administration began to come under scrutiny from military commanders and clandestine services personnel for what they called egregious breaches in national security following a handful of high profile intelligence leaks originating from the White House, including information made public about the alleged raid on Osama Bin Laden’s Pakistani compound in May of 2011.
In an ironic twist, Obama’s birth certificate and college transcripts are more secure than information about CIA drone missions and special forces tactics.  Unfortunately for millions of innocent people, Obama is better at hiding the identity of his real father than the identity of Navy Seals in the Middle East.

The video, which concludes with former USMC Lt. Colonel, Bill Cowan, explicitly telling Obama to “shut the up” when it comes to military intelligence information, has more than 2 million views on both the OPSEC website and YouTube since August 15th

The organization’s website, www.dishonorabledisclosure.com states the following:
“President Barack Obama is perceived to a significant degree as responsible for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and has taken significant steps to use that action to prop up his Presidency politically. A notable amount of political hyperbole has already been provided, witness his leaping to the media platform at 11:45 pm on a Sunday night, and the subsequent comments by VP Biden and others to the effect that it was a “bold and courageous” decision, and that “only one other advisor” favored the action.
While neither is true, this action is perhaps the single most powerful symbol Obama will use during the campaign to provide some credibility to his national defense and foreign affairs stature during the forthcoming fall campaign, thereby avoiding what has been referred to as his various “Tours of Apology” overseas. One may assume, as a practical matter, the BHO political media firm has already laid out the spot featuring him gassing up the stealth helicopters.
The decision to execute the raid on the compound in Pakistan was unavoidable, and neither bold or courageous. In fact, there was no practical way out. The political cost of failure was far less than the cost not trying in the face of evidence of Bin Laden’s presence. To be confronted with the information that there was between a 45% and 60% chance OBL was in the compound and to have not executed the operation to kill OBL, who was responsible for the deaths of approximately 3,000 American citizens in New York City alone and untold others on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, would have ultimately been discovered, and would have resulted in Obama’s removal from office by either electoral defeat or impeachment and removal.
There was simply no choice. Being well aware that President Clinton’s administration had passed by more than one opportunity to remove OBL before 9/11, and also aware that those instances had become public knowledge, it could have been construed as a bold, courageous (albeit stupid) decision to NOT execute the raid.
What has occurred, alongside this and other related actions by special operations forces and the intelligence community, is the public unveiling of classified military and intelligence capabilities for political purposes, thereby posing a serious future threat to the lives of the intelligence and special operations personnel involved in such actions, as well as the exposure of intelligence gathering methods and future special operations missions.
In addition, in perhaps the most egregious display of ambition over country by a sitting President in modern times, the President of the United States mounted a media platform on a Sunday night at 2345 hours to announce to the voters that OBL had been killed.
This naked grandstanding came despite the fact that DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six) and other operatives had recovered huge amounts of intelligence material, quite probably with information that could have been converted to actionable intelligence, to include dozens of flash drives, computer hard drives and documents that without doubt contained massive amounts of information on the names, locations and operations of Al Qaeda worldwide.
This may have been our sole opportunity to utterly and completely destroy Al Qaeda. But before any of this treasure trove of intelligence could be analyzed, without any thought as to consequences, and before any other terrorists could be seized, BHO ran to the stage and announced it to the entire world. In a few brief moments of selfish grandstanding and political opportunism, our Commander In Chief lost the single opportunity to exploit intelligence that, had secrecy been preserved, might well have crushed Al Qaeda once and for all.
Within a few minutes of that announcement, every AQ terrorist moved into another rabbit hole where they could not be found, so they could continue their murdering of American soldiers and innocent civilians across the globe. How many have died since that date?
Beyond this, the disclosure by the Administration of a host of classified details pertaining to intelligence gathering by the various Agencies prior to the raid, as well as voluminous details about the raid itself, puts American military and intelligence personnel at severe risk of not just a failure of a future mission, but death or injury incurred because the opponents now better know and understand the practices that our Special Operations forces and intelligence gatherers employ.”
Somewhere in the midwest, a redeemed Terry Lakin is trying very hard not say, “I told you so.”
One of the very dangerous side effects of Obama’s lack of Constitutional eligibility to hold the office of President is that his confused identity makes him dangerously irresponsible when it comes to matters of operational security and military intelligence, according to a group of former and current CIA and Special Forces military personnel.
“This is not surprising.  These guys are taking action on what General McChrystal knew way back in June of 2010,” says TDP Editor, Pen Johannson, “He resigned from his command in Afghanistan because he knew Obama was undermining the effort there, too.”
Strangely, however, as national intelligence information becomes less secure under Obama, he is spending untold resources to prevent any leaks about his biographical information and birth records.
Essentially, Obama has lost all authoritative credibility and, thus, has become desperate to remain in power. When a politician enters this depth of corruption he or she becomes dangerous politically.  They are no longer conscious of the harm they are doing to others because their desperation has blinded them.
Moreover, if that politician harbors partiality toward foreign nations over their regard for the people of the United States, inclinations to reveal confidential information about military operations may become intentional.
In order to combat the potential threat of a foreign usurper assuming the office of President, the founders of this nation explicitly commanded that anyone seeking the office be exceptionally qualified under three Constitutional requirements.  He or she must be 35 year of age, be a resident of the U.S. for 14 years and be a Natural Born citizen.
In order to be a Natural Born citizen, an individual must be born on U.S. soil to two citizen parents without renouncement or lapse of citizenship status from birth to election.  This set of standards applies only for those seeking the executive office.
As we see now, for good reason.


  1. I printed and read the declassified papers from the DOJ on “Right Wing Extremests”. It states that one of the fears is that returning veterans will be “Recruited” by Right Wing Militia Groups in order for them to have better training and be able to do more damage. They fear what True Americans are capable of doing. This is only going to get worse, and will happen very quickly.

    • If you have ever listened to Michael Savage, then you will know that he can’t even travel to England because the DHS has put him on a no-fly list. It’s probably because he has voiced his opinion on Barry and his obots.

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