Obama Knocks Romney for Not Releasing Medical Records, Hasn’t Disclosed His Own


Lately, the media has been beating up on Barack Obama  for not giving them enough love and attention. Out of frustration, the media didn’t heckle or taunt Obama like they did Romney in Poland, but the message was sent and, just a few minutes ago, Obama surprised everyone in the White House Briefing Room with an unscheduled press conference.

This was brilliant timing on the president’s part. All last week the Romney campaign was on offense and Obama was dealing with Vice President Race-Baiter and a campaign that had gotten so vicious it had finally backfired. But with the media all excited and eager to use GOP senate candidate Todd Akin’s rape comments to damage the Romney-Ryan ticket and the GOP as a whole, Obama picked the perfect time to come before the White House press corps.

First off, by surprising the media, Obama knew the few good ones in there wouldn’t be as ready to hit him with tough questions as they would with some notice. Secondly, Obama knew that he would be asked about Akin and that his response would be what got all the media attention afterwards — not any questions he might receive about his failed economy and ugly campaign.

The President was asked about Akin, his negative campaign and the economy, but it was NBC’s Chuck Todd who did Obama’s bidding and lobbed a sweet softball right over the plate about Romney’s taxes. This is when things got bizarre, because this is when Obama said something inadvertently hilarious. Yes, the least vetted president in the history of our great republic said that president’s should be “open books,” and then specifically cited tax returns and medical records.

The American people have assumed that if you want to be president of the United States, your life’s an open book when it comes to things like finances. I’m not asking to disclose every detail of his medical records, although we normally do that as well.

“Normally we do that as well?”


While Obama has released a decade or so worth of tax returns, otherwise, he is the furthest thing from an “open book” when it comes to his medical records — which he refuses to release. And yet, there stood Obama unchallenged by the lapdog media as he implied he’s an “open book” about those very same medical records. And these records are important and relevant, especially in light of the fact that Obama is a former smoker (so we’re told) and an admitted illegal drug abuser (including cocaine).  The fact that one heartbeat away sits a barely-functional moron also comes into play.

This isn’t all “President Open Book” has refused to release. There’s also the full list of his 2008 campaign contributors, his state senate papers, academic transcripts, book proposal, the real White House guest list, all those Fast and Furious documents, and any number of FOIA requests.

Naturally, Obama’s Media Palace Guards will not make an issue out of any of this or Obama’s deceptive statement about his medical records or his rank hypocrisy on the issue of transparency. Instead, just as they have since the beginning of this campaign, all the lapdog media will do is pound Romney over his tax returns while they ignore everything Obama is covering up.

Moreover, not only will the media ignore this president’s lack of transparency; they will declare those of us who demand Obama put his money where his “transparent” mouth is as racist.


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