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Prove it,” said a Romney/Ryan supporter. “Given Barack Obama’s secrecyabout his amended birth records, adoption papers, passport records, school records, Social Security application, Selective Service registration, British National Archives records, Indonesian records, state senate records, tax returns from 1977-1999, college transcripts, loans, and scholarship information, coupled with the revelations in just the past few months about how his memoir is full of lies (invented characters, conversations, events, and timelines) and the inconsistencies between where he says he was born (Hawaii, or Kenya–per his own publisher’s biography for nearly 2 decades), he has forfeited the right to have us take him just at his word.”

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  1. The audacity of hope?
    How about the audacity of Obama demanding records from Mitt Romney, or anyone else for that matter, while ALL of his remain sealed?
    The arrogance and hypocrisy is unprecedented.

  2. BOTH (and especially, Obama); but ALL people who run for office from this point on should have to give all legal documents from this point on.
    It cannot hurt the Nation. It can only help.

  3. I just don’t understand why Romney is dancing all over trying to defend his position on not releasing more tax returns when all he needs to do is point out that EVERYTHING about soetero has been sealed to the public, EVERYTHING… For this reason I believe that Romey is another McCain, a ruse,to fool the People into thinking he is a legitimate candidate….

    • Roy, let’s just confront this. MAKE IT WORK FOR HIM.
      He really needs to be open and honest NO MATTER what Obama did or did not show.
      There is NO sin or law against being wealthy! As a matter of fact, IF I were him, I’d give a little lecture (very brief) explaining to the publlc…just how they can do the same thing! That would divert the attention to a pro-active move FOR instead of against. Hell, even give Grant or donate $ for seminars explaining how the public can do the same thing.
      And, it would take the wind out of Obama’s or anyone’s argument.

      We need to have a law that they ALL have to present their BC, financial $$ because, Obama was/is getting foreign $ to run for office. We CANNOT allow that to happen again!

    • The issue is, he doesn’t have to. He has released what is required. School records, medical records, etc, but Obama has sealed all of his. Let Obama unseal his records that he has been hiding from the world.

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