Man of the People: Obama Shuts Down Public Beaches for Fundraiser


A bevy of celebrities are hosting a pricey fundraiser for President Obama Monday night at the Connecticut home of famed producer Harvey Weinstein and his fashion designer wife Georgina Chapman.

Though the President is often criticised over his close connections to Hollywood,  he is facing more of a firestorm over the location of the dinner.

Two popular Westport, Connecticut beaches will be closed this evening so that the President’s helicopter can park on the grounds when it arrives for the fundraiser.

In total,  the evening is expected to bring in $2.5million for the President’s re-election campaign, which comes the same day as July fundraising totals were released to show that Mr Obama is trailing.

Local tea partiers protested the event, claiming hypocrisy on behalf of the “man of the people.”

“It was a little bit selfish of the President. Big ego, ‘I need this park.’ He couldn’t find a better place to park? Maybe he needs to drive a little farther?” protester Mark Conrad told The Hartford Courant., “There’s very little tourism in Connecticut and this is one of the big locations, and he says, ‘It’s mine today.”‘

If he’s not on vacation, he’s taking time away from your vacation.


One thought on “Man of the People: Obama Shuts Down Public Beaches for Fundraiser

  1. What a selfish, arrogant, self-absorbed A-Hole!

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