Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

The Blaze

by :Wayne Allyn Root

I am President Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I am also one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators. Accurate enough that I was awarded my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. And I smell something rotten in Denmark. Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. It’s his college records. Call it “gut instinct” but my gut is almost always right. Obama has a secret hidden at Columbia- and it’s a bad one that threatens to bring down his presidency. Gut instinct is how I’ve made my living for 29 years since graduating Columbia.

Obama and his infamous strategist David Axelrod understand how to play political hardball, the best its ever been played. Team Obama has decided to distract America’s voters by condemning Mitt Romney for not releasing enough years of his tax returns. It’s the perfect cover.

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Obama’s inner circle and Iranian influence

American Thinker

David  Plouffe (rhymes with ‘fluff”) is one of the most powerful unelected officials in  the United States, “a key member of Obama’s inner circle, a confidant whose desk  is just steps from the Oval Office,”  according to the liberal Washington  Post. Plouffe is also a rich man, who got that way as a result of his  political activities, including accepting a cool hundred grand for 2 speeches to  a company deeply in bed with the Iranian government, a company which supplied  technology to the mullahs quite useful in repressing the Green Revolution in  2009.

This  looks very, very bad. And it is the tip of the iceberg on the (so far)  unreported story of  how the Obama inner circle of Chicago political  operatives have managed to become rich in politics.

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Obama Campaign Says Military Absentee Voting Is “Unfair” And “Unconstitutional”…

Weasel Zippers

Update to this story.

Via Red Alert Politics:

In one of the toughest election seasons in American history, President Obama has perhaps just played the dirtiest card yet. The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee have now essentially declared that allowing extra time for military absentee voting “unfair,” even going so far as to utter the big “U” word: “unconstitutional.”

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After defeat of Senate cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive-order option

The Hill

Senate Republicans recently blocked cybersecurity legislation, but the issue might not be dead after all.

The White House hasn’t ruled out issuing an executive order to strengthen the nation’s defenses against cyberattacks if Congress refuses to act.

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