Obama Ignores Russian Plans for Naval Base in Cuba


If things go as planned, Russia could soon have a naval base just over 90 miles away from the continental U.S. Our former Cold War foe has been in talks with Cuba for some time, and is now making it known that a deal between the two nations is closer to happening.

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Cowardly Republicans; Impeach Obama Now!



“John Roberts says impeach Obama now”

Oh, you missed that headline? Let me refresh your memory by summarizing the principle behind the Roberts decision on Obamacare. If we apply the Roberts principle to the impeachment question, then impeachment is not only a good idea, it is a constitutional imperative.

The argument heard most often against impeaching and removing President Obama is the following. Well, yes, we all know Obama deserves to be impeached and removed, but we have elections for that – and, moreover, the election is less than four months away.

But our Supreme Court chief justice disagrees with that line of thought.

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It’s About Control, Not Guns

American Thinker

Don’t  for one minute think that the Left’s core motive for demanding ever increasing  amounts of gun control is the reduction of crime rates in any meaningful  fashion. When the Left exploits  a tragedy such as the one in Aurora Colorado and then calls  for even stricter gun control, it has little to do with removing guns from criminals’ hands or saving lives, and  everything to do with the control of law abiding citizens.  The  Constitution, especially the Second Amendment, is nothing but an obstacle to the  Left’s desire for such control.  This is why you rarely hear about the  countless incidents in which guns are used to prevent  crimes or save lives.  It simply doesn’t further the Left’s agenda and is  therefore ignored.

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So Much For That Gutsy Call… Obama Canceled Operation to Kill Osama 3 Different Times – Then Waited 16 Hrs to Make Call

Gateway Pundit

So much for that “gutsy call.” (Politifake)

We already knew that it took Barack Obama 16 hours to make the call to go after Bin Laden at his hideout in Pakistan.

But, now we know, it took much longer than that. Barack Obama canceled the operation to kill Osama bin Laden on three separate occasions, before finally approving the May 2, 2011 Navy SEAL mission. Israel National News reported:

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