NSA Official: “You Are the Target”

Family Security Matters

Few Americans would believe that the government has the technological   capability and wherewithal to monitor, track, log, and analyze the   everyday activities of American citizens. The idea that the National  Security  Agency, an organization responsible the collection and analysis  of foreign  communications and foreign signals intelligenc, would  operate on US soil  to turn the surveillance apparatus on the people they  are tasked with  protecting has up until now been reserved for  conspiracy theorists and  Hollywood movies.

It turns out that it’s not a conspiracy, and not only does the NSA operate  within the borders of the United States, they are assembling  detailed dossiers on every single one of us.

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Studies: 24 out of 25 Gun Uses for Self Defense, Not Crime

Even after the call for police officers to strike until Americans turn in their guns went viral and Mayor Michael Bloomberg had to say he didn’t mean it “literally,” he continues his gun control rampage. He has now run a full page ad in USA Today in which he demands President Obama and Gov. Romney create and present gun control plans to the American people.

Here’s a curious question: does Bloomberg know that guns are used nearly 25 times more often for self defense than they are for crime?

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