Obama’s Passport Breach: Unanswered Questions, and an Unsolved Murder

American Thinker

By Pamela Geller

Back  in March 2008, the State Department launched  an investigation of improper computer access to the passport records of  Barack Hussein Obama, and days later those of Hillary Clinton and John McCain.  The investigation centered on one employee: a contract worker for a company that  was headed by John O. Brennan, a key Obama campaign adviser who later became  assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for Homeland  Security and Counterterrorism.

Then,  a month later, the key witness in this case was  murdered.  Lt. Quarles Harris, Jr., 24, was shot in the head in his  car, in front of his church.

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LYIN’ HAWAIIAN:  Following shocking contradictions discovered by criminal investigators between the contents of the forged digital image of Obama’s alleged 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” posted on the internet and long-standing federal vital records regulations, the State of Hawaii now refuses to verify that the digital image matches the paper record in their files.
By Dan Crosby
Of The Daily Pen
NEW YORK, NY – The American people were ridiculed and insulted by the liberal media for years for questioning the authority of the State of Hawaii when the current and former directors of the Hawaiian Department of Health, Loretta Fuddy and Chiyome Fukino, publicly stated that they had verified that Obama’s birth records existed on file under their jurisdiction.
Based on that uncorroborated information, Fukino even fancied herself as an INS agent stating in July of 2009 that she believed Obama was a natural born citizen.  However, according to the digital image we were told was Obama’s official, original, authentic birth certificate, he is not a natural born citizen which is defined by birth to two citizen parents.  Obama’s alleged father was a British citizen born in Kenya.