Look Who’s Calling Who a Felon

Family Security Matters

When Stephanie Cutter, the deputy campaign manager for President Obama’s  reelection, alleged that Gov. Mitt Romney may have committed a felony by  providing false information in Securities and Exchange Commission filings, she  revealed how desperate the president is to gain political support.

Ms. Cutter’s unjustified and completely unfounded assertion reminds me of the  many felony crimes our president has admitted to committing. President Obama has  written in his two autobiographies about smoking van loads of marijuana and  using cocaine. Both the possession, use and transfer of marijuana and cocaine  are felonies, but Cutter gives her man a pass.

By contrast, instead of ingesting illegal drugs, visiting Pakistan for  unstated reasons after high school, associating with the likes of convicted  felon and former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers and attending church services  by America hater Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. Romney spent two and a half years of  his youth on a religious mission to France. Because of his religious beliefs,  Mr. Romney does not drink, cuss, smoke or womanize, let alone do illegal  drugs.

Mr. Romney never received a sweet loan deal from convicted felon Antoin  “Tony” Rezko, who in 2011 was convicted for bribery and receiving kickbacks in  Chicago.

While governor, Mr. Romney never fired an Inspector General for uncovering  alleged felony crimes committed by one of his political boosters, thus  obstructing justice – a felony.

Gov. Romney never evoked “executive privilege” to run cover for his attorney  general to shield him from contempt of Congress, a felony.

Gov. Romney never appointed “czars” to circumvent the Massachusetts State  Legislature in order to place political cronies in positions of power.

Unlike President Obama, Gov. Romney never mismanaged the Massachusetts budget  so badly that Standard and Poor’s downgraded the state’s bond credit rating for  the first time in U.S. history. Instead, Gov. Romney eliminated $1.5 billion in  state debt and established a rainy day fund.

Gov. Romney didn’t order the Massachusetts State Police not to alert the  Immigration and Naturalization Service about illegal aliens who were arrested in  his state, eliminating any resemblance of backdoor amnesty.

Ms. Cutter also questions why Mr. Romney won’t release more of his tax  returns, implying he has something to hide. She was echoing the message of  Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Ms. Schultz  implied that Mr. Romney was hiding assets from taxes, when in reality, knowledge  of the foreign accounts came from Romney himself when he released his latest tax  return. When a reporter asked Ms. Schultz about the foreign investments in her  401(k) she refused to discuss it. She also steadfastly refused to release her  own tax return for public scrutiny.

In contrast, President Obama refuses to release his college transcripts or  medical records and took about three years before finally releasing his birth  certificate to satisfy so-called “birthers.” What does he have to hide in those  documents? Mr. Romney’s foreign investments, made by investment counselors from  his blind trust, made those investments for him. Declaring foreign accounts on  your tax return is obviously not an attempt to conceal illegal activity.

President Obama’s minions suggesting Mr. Romney is a felon is like suggesting  former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL), a convicted felon, only had his state’s best  interest at heart when he tried to sell President Obama’s senate seat to the  highest bidder.

Obviously the Obama campaign strategy is to divert attention away from the  president’s dismal economic record by attacking his opponent; the same strategy  he said Republicans were trying with him in 2008, and something he would never  do. He has reached into the Democrat’s moldy bag of tricks and pulled out the  tired old strategy that dictates when you have nothing going for you, slam your  opponent. Slime him and make him so radioactive that no one will vote for him.  He used this exact strategy on his opponent when he ran for the U.S. Senate.

If you were hiring a CEO to run your failing business, would you select  someone who has integrity and a proven record of saving and expanding companies,  or someone who claims that your success is a result of somebody else’s hard  work, not yours?

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30 thoughts on “Look Who’s Calling Who a Felon

  1. Kinda like calling “the Pot calling the Kettle Black”, isn’t it!

    • If it acts like a duck, walks like a duck….ect
      also as far as I know, Romney is not a Communist either.

      • No, Romney is ost certainly NOT a Communist….but there are other issues about him that realllly bother me. I am hoping and praying for a miracle.

      • I don’t want to be the one to force anyone on anyone but I know who we have is just wrong. The daily destruction of America, the Constitution and the People. The out of control spending, the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions within the adminstration, billions of $$$ given to terrorist while Patriots are considered domestic terrorist. Romney is not my first choice or my second but Obama would not even be my last choice.

  2. However, Romney has never committed Treason….not yet anyway.

  3. Don’t want either one of them personally…Romney slammed Newt with attack ads…he’s just getting some back now….granted he’s a Mormon and they aren’t suppose to drink or cuss etc. but I have met many that do!! He’s human not a God yet….just because his religion ( and I use that word lightly) says he shouldn’t…doesn’t mean he’s as pure as the driven snow!
    As George Soros said, “There’s really not that much difference between them.”
    Watch this brief video and get it from the proverbial horse’s mouth… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWDJEc92d38&feature=player_embed
    Romney has been quite an inspiration for Obama.

    • George Soros will say or do anything to keep Barry in the WhiteHouse. Soros is part of the problem as is the media.
      No religion is perfect, they all have their faults just like people but Barry has shown his true colors and they are not red, white and blue.
      Romney was not my first pick, nor my second but Barry is on a roll destroying America.

      • I happen to think Soros really doesn’t care if it’s Obama or Romney in the big chair! Obama was paid by the Saudi’s to bring America down to her knees….Soros is the front man for the Saudi’s to Obama.
        Romney’s so-called Religion is much like Islam. Joseph Smith the founder of Mormon cult said that he would be the second Muhammhead.
        Romney is not a threat to the original Agenda…he actually could be an asset, seeing as he agrees with so much that Obama has put into place….
        With Romney in the Big Chair…the ride to Hade’s in a hand basket will just be more pleasant…but still going to Hade’s…..
        What is needed is a brokered or open convention whereby a strong conservative who knows the score can be nominated. Sarah Palin, Newt, West, Bachmann…even Gen. Boykin….

  4. Mitt Romney’s 13 Globalist ‘Working Groups’ Exposed

    Brandon Turbeville
    Activist Post

    A few weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled “Romney’s Foreign Policy Advisers Exposed as Globalists” where I compiled a list of the 22 individuals selected by Mitt Romney to serve as his foreign policy advising team back in October 2011.

    Along with the names of each of these individuals, I included a list of globalist, neo-con, or otherwise nefarious organizations or government offices that they belong to or have belonged to in the past.

    Besides announcing a foreign policy advising team, Romney also announced 13 (interesting number) working groups dedicated to regional and issue-specific policies. It is not surprising that the individuals, although somewhat less important in terms of their pedigree, are themselves diehard globalists.

    http://pumabydesign001.com/2012/06/30/experts-on-scotus-gbtv-06282012/ http://pumabydesign001.com/2012/06/30/experts-on-scotus-gbtv-06282012/

    READ MORE: http://www.activistpost.com/2012/06/mitt-romneys-13-globalist-working.html

  5. Truth Monger, I am right there with you!

    Good grief, my last comment is still in moderation.

  6. As far as I am concerned, Newt Gingrich is the one I want because he stands firm against Sharia Law in our Country. And he is one strong individual who isn’t afraid to stand up for us!
    Isn’t it interesting that the ones who stand UP for America vs. Muslims were shoved aside?
    Newt Gingrich, Bachman, Palin, and West.

    • Newt is a smart man but carries a lot of baggage. The media would never let it go. They would also make things up just like they are now and have been. West would make a great VP. I like Palin, and liked her over McCain the last time but she needs a little more experence under her belt. I think she would make a good Sec of Energy and the try for the WH.I would like Bachman a lot more if she would stand up and force the issue on impeachment. She never said a word about his eligability.

      • People talk about “baggage.” Seems that the “baggage” referred to is dealing with his marriage…which is NONE of our business. Name ONE candidate without “Baggage.”
        I care what he (and the others I mention) will do to save our country.
        First and foremost is “get the Muslims out of D.C. and any threat of Sharia Law in Our Country.

      • It’s not our business but the media will dig and make up lies just like they always do. All I want is a honest American Patriot.

      • All I have is “gossip”….Palin and Bachman I know are considering it. I am also hoping that Newt will be involved.
        Do you realize that the only ones who spoke out against the Islamization in America is: Palin, Bachman, West and Newt Gingrich?

        THAT IS VERY SCARRY that they were the only ones!

        Romney stated he plans for an Islamic Charter School.

        We need this now more than ever in our memorable history. By that, I mean the history that we have lived since we were born.

      • If this military stuff happens….while Obama is meeting his special firing squad face to face….the rest of the troop will be seeing those in Congress, the Senate and Judiciary….

        Then it will be clean up time for the rest of the ones who supported Obama and his evil regime.

        It’s not going to pretty at all…but it just might be a necessity….

  7. Redneck Woman, the Brokered Convention is really the only chance we have of a REAL Country again!
    Palin, Newt, West and/or Bachman…any one of those will be a HUGE Change back to the we are supposed to be.
    However, whoever gets in will have to work on “un-doing the damage he caused” before moving forward. We simple CANNOT leave that crap for anyone else later to come in and “re-introduce it with their twist.”

  8. The Brokered Convention, 1dragon, would involve Palin, West, Bachman and Newt Gingrich. We CANNOT allow Obama or Romney to get in.

    • I’m not refering to the people who decide. I’m not talking about Newt, Palin or anyone else but the guys who make the decision.

      • 1dragon, that is a great question. I wish I had the answer.
        What is a brokered convention?
        In their current form, conventions are exercises in collective vanity, an excuse for the party’s settled nominee—who has already garnered enough delegates to make his competitors drop out—to get media exposure and some prime face-time with party big-wigs. But conventions were once substantive affairs, where candidates’ delegations came to wheel and deal for votes, hoping either to clinch the top slot on the ticket or at least ensure that their ideas make it onto the official party platform. A convention is “brokered” when none of the candidates has the requisite number of delegates to secure the nomination and competitors remain in the race. To settle on a nominee, the party goes through a series of re-votes and political horse trading until a candidate is chosen.

        Continue reading: http://prospect.org/article/um-whats-brokered-convention

      • It would be the delegates who make the decision of who gets the Nomination…they would be the ones voting at a brokered convention….

      • Thanks.

  9. upaces88
    I’ll do some research.

  10. That would be wonderful. DO NOT get discouraged, okay? I do know this has only happened a couple of times BUT! It can happen again because if we don’t do something, it will only get worse…even if Romney gets in.

    Obama does care what we think or feel. Therefore, he does things right in front of us knowing that we try to do things the right way — just “vote him out!”
    Romney will be much more stealth in the way he handles things with the same end result.
    That is why we need the brokered convention.

  11. Correction:
    “Obama does NOT care…”

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