Obama grants DHS power to takeover commercial, private communications in emergency

The Daily Caller

Should disaster strike the U.S., the secretary of Homeland Security will be  in charge of re-establishing and prioritizing communications to ensure the  continuation of the federal government, according to a new executive order from  President Barack  Obama.

The executive order, signed on Friday, once again expands the  powers of the Department of Homeland Security — this time to include the  handling of communications during a national security event or natural disaster.  The order also allows for DHS to re-establish communications “through the use of  commercial, government, and privately owned communications resources, when  appropriate.”

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Executive Tyranny

Family Security Matters

The use of Executive Orders (EO) goes back to the first President, George  Washington. Every chief executive has issued them since then. Some have been  historic, but the latest Executive Orders of President Obama are downright  scary.

The Executive Order signed on June 25 is titled “Russian Highly  Enriched Uranium” and offers as its justification the fact that “the  accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material in the  territory of the Russian Federal continues to constitute an unusual and  extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United  States, and hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.”

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Obama Sneaks Through 30-Year Drilling Moratorium


The good news: America has plenty of energy resources — more than enough for total self-sufficiently. The bad news: our liberal rulers have placed them off limits:

While the Obama administration was taking a victory lap last week after the 5-4 Supreme Court decision to uphold the president’s signature legislative accomplishment, Obamacare, the Interior Department was using the media black hole to release a much-awaited five-year plan for offshore drilling. That plan reinstitutes a 30-year moratorium on offshore energy exploration that will keep our most promising resources locked away until long after President Obama begins plans for his presidential library. Given the timing, it is clear that the self-described “all of the above” energy president didn’t want the American people to discover that he was denying access to nearly 98 percent of America’s vast energy potential on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

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