Obama campaign uses company with operations in India and China to book travel

The Daily Caller

A new ad from President Obama’s re-election  campaign calls Mitt Romney “Outsourcer-in-Chief,” accusing the former  businessman and presumptive Republican presidential nominee of overseeing  companies that shipped jobs to China and India while leading Bain Capital.

But while Obama tries to hit Romney on this issue, records show that Obama’s  campaign is using a travel booking company this year that have operations in  India and China.

Federal Election Commission reports show that Obama for America made numerous payments to the corporate travel  company Egencia as recently as May. They were made to Egencia’s Bellevue,  Washington office.

Egencia is a corporate travel division of the online travel company Expedia  and, according to its website, has call center  operations “around the world.”

“Our customer service team consists of hundreds of travel consultants around  the world dedicated to superior service and value to your travelers,” the  company says.

“Egencia is active in the Asia-Pacific region,” Egencia president Rob Greyber  told the Investor’s Business Daily in 2009. “We have operations in both China  and India as well as Australia.”

The company’s website shows that it has jobs  openings for software development, engineering and analytics work for its office  in Gurgaon, India.

Egencia, at one point, contracted with a company to handle calls at a center  in Pensacola, Fla. But the Pensacola News Journal reported in 2011 that the  company Tata Business Support Services closed and laid off all of its 180  employees.

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2012/06/26/obama-campaign-uses-company-with-operations-in-india-and-china-to-book-travel/#ixzz1ywGLaVXG

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