7 thoughts on “Most Arrogant Man in the World

  1. He is even worse than arrogant. Even arrogance can be brought down. This man is hubris is destroying a nation. He is most definitely the Poster Boy of full blow Narcissism.
    He will NEVER reconsider any ideas he has or any acts he commits. He will also find someone else to blame OR to take the fall for him. Right now, he is protecting those around him from being punished. I do hope that ends soon.

  2. The Kenyan is neck deep in this gun deal! He is protecting his own Communist azz!

  3. He figures that while he speaks, everyone else should just shut the hell up and not even CONSIDER questioning him on anything. Hey, Obumma- Grow up or leave!

  4. Black Man States: Obama is Dangerous and He Hates Whites

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