Wisconsin man opposes Obama — from the grave

The Daily Caller

It doesn’t quite rise to the level of the greatest  obituary of all time, but a line at the end of James Francis “Fitz” Fitzgerald Sr.’s death notice in Tuesday’s Madison State  Journal is certainly out of the ordinary.

Fitz, an outspoken part-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden  State Warriors, asked for memorials in his name, in the form of support for “whoever is running against Barack Obama.”

His growing guestbook on the Janesville, Wisc. funeral  home’s website contains numerous tributes to the late community business leader,  but none more telling than the entry from long-time Fitzgerald family friend  Robert “Garbo” Garbutt.

“To my dear friends the Fitzgerald family, thank you for sharing Mr Fitz with  the rest of us,” Garbutt wrote Monday. “We can all find peace in his example and  joy in our time with him. Of course I will make a donation to the Romney  campaign! What a guy.”

The obituary itself paints a picture of an eccentric but lovable character.  He was “[a] notorious tie hater who thought they were an evil invention from the  French” and a church usher who liked to embarrass his friends if they didn’t  reach for their wallets.

“One of his favorite things to do was, if one of his friends didn’t put  something in the collection basket, he’d just hold it in front of him and then  give it a little shake and embarrass the guy,” his son wrote. “And that would be  followed by a huge smile.”

His impact on the National Basketball Association was similarly  unforgettable. “Former NBA player and team executive Chris Mullin,” according to  the obituary, “recently described Fitz as the greatest owner in basketball. When  NBA Commissioner David Stern heard what Mullin said, he responded by saying, ‘I’m not allowed to give that designation because I’ve had many, many, many  (owners), but there were none better.’”

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One thought on “Wisconsin man opposes Obama — from the grave

  1. Well, obumma will be trying to get every dead person, and ones who don’t exist, to vote, so this is fantastic as far as I’m concerned.

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