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  1. People who blog frequently on the major blog sites like Soda Head have seen and experienced this harassment. I know for a fact when I blogged on Yahoo Buzz that they were there. I knew one of them since he was a child and he bragged about it to me. I cut off all communication with him. He was a fine very educated young man in the most expensive schools; and grew up to be stupid!!!
    Long story short? He was hired by the Obama Administration to be on Face Book and the Blogs right after he got into office.

  2. Somebody needs to drop this waste of atmosphere and all of his associates.

  3. Yeah, can’t fix stupid either

  4. About a year ago, there was an Ad on CraigsList for bloggers that paid an “x” amount of $ per times you blogged. A friend of the family did look into it; and it was Obama paying for it (found after extensive research).

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