Allahu Akbar… Arabic Now Mandatory In NY Public Elementary School

Gateway Pundit

This is outrageous.  A New York public grade school has just made it mandatory to study Arabic beginning this Fall.

According to the New York Post,

An upper Manhattan public elementary school will be the first in the city to require that students study Arabic, officials said yesterday.

Beginning next semester, all 200 second- through fifth-graders at PS 368 in Hamilton Heights will be taught the language twice a week for 45 minutes — putting it on equal footing with science and music courses.

One reason Principal Nicky Kram Rosen selected Arabic — as opposed to more common offerings, such as Spanish or French — is because it will help the school obtain a prestigious International Baccalaureate standing. …

The Arabic requirement becomes mandatory in September. But PS 368 is a so-called “choice’’ school and no kids, even those living nearby, are forced to attend it. If the school ever enrolls a student who objects to learning Arabic, administrators will deal with that on a case-by-case basis, Jackson said.

Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish. These kids are like sponges. It’s amazing to see their progress.’’

Our “kids are like sponges”?  Yes, they are.  So, they should be taught about Western Civilization, and our heritage that is rooted in freedom, and individual value.  But, that was removed from school curriculum long ago by the radical secular Progressives.  Now, they want our children be able to read the Quran, listen to the draconian precepts of sharia, and watch Al Jazeera inveigh against Christianity, democracy, equality, and freedom in its native Arabic language.  When Communism aimed its missiles and armies at our nation President Reagan didn’t fold and force our children to learn Russian.

Leave it to the Liberals to try to completely destroy all that is good about our culture and turn it into something distorted, ugly, and dangerous.

Hat tip: Gini

Update:  According to Barenakedislam,

I wonder if they will tell the students in Harlem that the word for black in Arabic is the same as the word for slave? In the Arabic language, even before the prophet Mohammed, a slave owner and trader himself, the word slave – ‘Abd’ – was the same word used to describe Black Africans. Arabs always looked upon Black people as inferior beings. Muslims, today, still do.


13 thoughts on “Allahu Akbar… Arabic Now Mandatory In NY Public Elementary School

  1. New York has Bloomberg to thank for you. I have no clue how in the world that man was re-elected!

  2. Ah, yes… learn the language of the camel groping, hate filled murderers who subjugate women. That will pay dividends when? Just one more reason to home-school your children America.

  3. This is just another way Obumma is trying to appease his muslim buddies. This is just the tip of the iceberg Patriots. I’ve been hesitant about saying this, but I think it’s time. It states in the Constitution that it is the DUTY of the citizens (read- little people/ peons, etc), also known as Patriots, “Birthers”, “Tea Party Members”, to organize, demand, and if necessary- force change layed down by our “LEADERS” (read- obumma, illegal czars, ALL politicians, all who know the truth but do nothing, etc). It is so stated in order to keep from letting a Dictatorship come to power in this country. We are here because too many times we have allowed these corrupt, power and money hungry, knuckle dragging, in-bred, poor excuses for human beings get away with whatever they wish. We have been brainwashed into believing we can’t do anything about it. Guess what- WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, all we have to do is organize and focus. Obumma knows this and is tring to keep it from happening (Ex.- Race Warfare, Class Warfare, Political Warfare, Birthers, etc.), but as long as we put forth the effort and focus on the problem, we can take our country back from the Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Dictatorship presently “In Charge”. Our Founding Fathers knew this could happen, and gave us the rights and tools to remove it, and all those associated with it. The time to act is NOW. If not, then the United States of America will become The Nation of Obumma.

  4. Tactical shotguns and Maglites

  5. 1Dragon…I don’t remember hearing too much about the Muslims UNTIL 9/11. And, to this day…I still don’t understand WHY in the world they allowed them to migrate to our country without background checks!

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