13 thoughts on “Michael Savage: FBI Should Be Investigating Obama’s Eligibility to Be President

  1. Yes, they should but they won’t.

    • I was listening to Rush today, and he made the comment that he has received a ton of e-mails from people that never knew anything about Obama’s eligability, his Muslim connection or the fact that he hasn’t released his college transcrips. Mainly because the mainstream media never reported it. Yesterday Glen Beck said the same thing. Just wondering what rock people have been living under.

  2. upaces88
    Must be a big rock.

  3. I still haven’t figured out FOR SURE Who EXACTLY the CIA works for — I know the Obama family were involved as “assets” (meaning they had the ability for duplicity.
    I thought I knew the FBI worked for All of America. Does the FBI have the correct…no “correct” is not the right word… Does the FBI’s reach as far as investigations include the WH?

    • Are they under the thumb of the DOJ? If so, then you know by next few lines.

      • Had to look it up to make sure!!!
        The FBI is the investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Justice, and its specific mission is constantly evolving. Currently, the FBI’s focus is on stopping terrorism, corruption, organized crime, cyber crime and civil rights violations, as well as investigating serious crimes such as major thefts or murders. They also assist other law enforcement agencies when needed. Crimes that specifically fall under FBI jurisdiction include those in which the criminal crossed state lines, violations of federal controlled substance laws, and other violations of federal laws….

  4. upaces88
    Now we know. As long as Holder is in charge, there will be no investagation.

  5. You are right; and to make it even worse…not one thing will happen to Holder on the F&F. Obama is ignoring the entire issue.

  6. Empty dreamin’ here….IF we can get past this, I am hopin’ that we can put an end to some of it. I am not innocent…I do know that as long as there is a lust for power and money…corruption follows.

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