1. Alan Keyes has always been on the side of AMERICA since the beginning!

  2. AND THIS VERY REASON, MY FRIEND, is WHY after 1776, the Eligibility of the President was important!!!!

    They made that law very clear so that a “British subject” could NOT come into the USA as a spy and gain power!

    • Which is why John Jay and George Washington discussed it in great length to make sure that only a natural born citizen could be President.
      Amazing how soon they forget, or maybe they didn’t.

  3. I’m with you on your implication, that they DID know and simply CHOSE to ignore it…

  4. It wasn’t simply wanting to be noticed…THE INTENT WAS TO BRING US DOWN FROM THE INSIDE.

    • And they have a lot of help.

      • I looked it up again a while ago, Hillary was on the board of directors, Wal-Mart…The Moose made millions while they were still in Chicago.
        THE MEDIA has handed over the real truth quite a while back. They knew all along and did nothing but help him get into office.
        We have been betrayed on all fronts.

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