Report: Obama Is Looking to Replace Abdullah With Muslim Brotherhood – Will Wipe Out All US Allies in Mideast

Gateway Pundit

Reportedly a meeting was held in Turkey recently to discuss the situation in Jordan. The Muslim Brotherhood was in attendance and was asked about a possible role in a new Jordanian government. King Abdullah has been a staunch US ally for several years. Like Egypt’s Mubarak, Barack Obama is ready to throw him to the dogs.

What gall. Obama called former US ally Hosni Mubarak after pushing him from office. Mubarak wouldn’t answer the phone. Mubarak is now on trial in Egypt.

Israpundit reported:

I have just received reliable information from a certain insider that a meeting was held two weeks ago in Turkey attended by the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar and CIA. Allegedly, Israel’s Mosad sat in as an observer. The attendees discussed what they want to happen in Jordan when the King falls.

The MB was asked specifically whether it would uphold the peace treaty with Israel if it came to power and they said yes. Furthermore the MB offered to take in many Palestinians from Judea and Samaria.

It struck me that this is exactly what Mudar Zahran is intending to do should he come to power. The MB is obviously following his playbook.

From a different source I heard that Obama is putting financial pressure on Abdullah so that he will fall. Obama wants to replace him with the MB.

With the exception of the Saudi King, Barack Obama has wiped out nearly all US allies in the region.


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