How Our “Gay President” Learned About Sex


Barack Obama is being presented as America’s first gay president by Newsweek, which glorifies his decision to recognize same-sex marriage. The Newsweek cover story will serve a purpose other than generating interest in a magazine that has been losing circulation and advertising revenue if it is viewed as an opportunity to finally discuss the taboo subject of Obama’s communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. This controversial figure, who drank heavily and smoked dope, wrote a pornographic novel in which the author declared, “under certain circumstances I am bisexual,” and discussed having sex with a young girl named “Anne.”

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Mexican authorities find 49 mutilated bodies dumped on northern highway

The Guardian

Forty-nine decapitated and mutilated bodies were found on Sunday dumped on a highway connecting the northern Mexican metropolis of Monterrey to the US border, in the latest suspected outburst in an escalating war among drug gangs.

Mexico‘s organized crime groups often abandon multiple bodies in public places as warnings to their rivals, though Nuevo Leon state attorney general Adrian de la Garza said he did not rule out the possibility that the victims were US-bound migrants.

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