Group Headed By Weather Underground Terrorist Gets DOJ Grants

Judicial Watch

The Justice Department has awarded a group headed by a domestic terrorist and one-time FBI fugitive with close ties to President Obama hundreds of thousands of dollars to reduce racial disparities in the juvenile justice system.

This is a story you likely won’t see in the mainstream media, but a conservative political magazine exposed it this week. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has given $400,000 in grants to an organization (W. Haywood Burns Institute) that blames disproportionately high criminal behavior among minority juvenile delinquents on discrimination. The San Francisco-based nonprofit describes itself as a leading organization in the field of juvenile justice and ethnic and racial disparities reduction.

Among the institute’s board of directors is Bernardine Dohrn, a longtime Obama supporter and fundraiser and proud member of the Weather Underground, a radical group that planted bombs on the Capitol, Pentagon and other government buildings to protest U.S. policy. Dohrn’s violent actions earned her a spot on the FBI’s most wanted fugitives list in the 1970s. She eventually served probation and spent some time in jail for refusing to cooperate with an investigation.

Dohrn is married to President Obama’s close friend and political mentor, William Ayers, the co-founder of the Weather Underground. Like his beloved wife, Ayers was also an FBI fugitive who has proudly admitted planting bombs on government buildings during the Vietnam era. In fact, he has publicly said that he doesn’t regret his terrorist acts and that in fact his group “didn’t do enough.”

The couple has long supported Obama’s political career by donating money to his campaigns and hosting fundraisers at their Chicago home. For years they all hung out in the same political and social circles, lived in the same Chicago neighborhood and Obama and Ayers served on the board of a leftwing Chicago nonprofit. However, during the 2008 presidential campaign Obama worked hard to distance himself from his terrorist pals.

Using the generous DOJ grant as a guide, it appears that Dohrn is still benefitting from the relationship. How else could one explain the DOJ grant? As the article that broke the story points out, Dohrn has a history with the Justice Department and it isn’t good. Why would the agency responsible for enforcing the law and defending the country against the attacks she once carried out give her taxpayer dollars? Americans will have to guess because the feds and Dohrn refused to comment for the story.


5 thoughts on “Group Headed By Weather Underground Terrorist Gets DOJ Grants

  1. When I pick my jaw up off the floor, I will comment. It jist keeps on keepin’ on, doesn’t it!

  2. 1dragon, I don’t know about you…but every damn day many of us hit all the emotions G-d gave us from rage…sadness…anger…depression… sorrow…laughter and then it starts all over again.

  3. How else could one explain the DOJ grant? Because the agency responsible for enforcing the law and defending the country against the attacks she once carried out has become corrupt beyond all repair. Their twisted ideologies are now one and the same.

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