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CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT RON PAUL? – If likely GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney selects Marco Rubio as his VP running mate millions of likely GOP voters posting on the internet have stated they will not vote for him because Rubio is not Constitutionally eligible for the seat.  They command that the 2012 election be represented only by Constitutionally eligible, Natural born candidates, therefore, presenting a shocking opportunity for Libertarian candidate, Ron Paul. 
by Dan Crosby
of the DAILY PEN
NEW YORK, NY – Recent research of internet media content reveals that as many as 15 million eligible voters in the United States will refuse to vote for any presidential or vice presidential candidate who has not confirmed their Constitutional eligibility for the office of president by publicly submitting original, historical, authenticated, common documentation showing they are, indeed, a Natural born citizen of the United States.
Moreover, this same vintage American voting block specifically defines a ‘Natural born’ citizen as one born on U.S. soil to two U.S. citizen parents without any renouncement of that status from birth to election.
Given these facts, without any proactive revision to the Constitutional eligibility mandate to date, vintage American voters, most of which are Republican, have issued a stern warning to the likely GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, “Do not select Marco Rubio as your running mate.  If you do, you will not win the 2012 Presidential election because we will not vote for you.”
Marco Rubio is not eligible to be vice president because he was not born to two U.S. citizen parents.
The Daily Pen has received thousands of email responses to our previous story entitled “Eligibility And Justice Are Blind For Obama…And Rubio” with an overwhelming number of those respondents unequivocally agreeing with the constitution’s ban on presidential and vice presidential candidates who are not ‘natural born’ citizens.
Because of the Obama eligibility fraud, and the abetment aftermath by media and government, over the past four years, many vintage American hardliners have taken the eligibility mandate a step further by stipulating they will never again support the election of any individual who does not submit original, authentic, historical and standard identity documentation which provides, beyond a shadow of doubt, to their personal satisfaction, that the candidate possesses a full “life cycle” of documented eligibility metrics.  This documentation not only includes one’s original version of a birth certificate, but also original medical and natal records, parentage records including any adoption records, social security application, passport applications, school registration documentation, residence history, academic records including transcripts, financial aid information and all other records which connect the individual to their claims of natural born eligibility.
Many express little regard for a candidate’s claims that such demands are unreasonable saying they “don’t care what a candidate thinks…they are not entitled to our vote, nor the office they seek”, says one respondent writing under the name ‘HonortheConstitution’.
Several respondents have even said they will not even vote for a natural born candidate who has ever lived outside of the U.S. or, shockingly, was ever adopted by a foreign-born parent after a verified birth in the U.S. to two citizen parents.
“These are the most offended of Constitutionalist ‘vintage American’ voters,” says TDP editor, Pen Johannson, “These are those who’s fathers and grandfathers shed blood and gave their lives for American sovereignty.  They are wounded by Obama and have already evacuated the process and will never trust anything our government says about itself.  After Obama’s criminal presidency, can we really blame them?”
Several Obama supporters have also expressed agreement that Rubio is not eligible with some stating they are remorseful for Obama, who is not a legitimate president, as well.
Theoretically, Romney’s camp is contemplating exchanging risk of Rubio’s lack of legal eligibility in the eyes of vintage American voters for his political popularity with Hispanic voters.  A tactic which Johannson says should greatly offend all Hispanic Americans.
“Basically, if he (Romney) selects Rubio, it means the GOP is assuming Hispanic voters are too stupid and uninformed to appreciate the presidential eligibility law.  They are gambling that they can gain more ignorant Hispanic votes than those they would lose with the GOP eligibility hardliner votes,” says Johannson.
“The problem, however, is that Romney is, at that point, no better than Obama.  He is just another liar politician, breaking the law like Obama!  It also means the loss of the 2012 election for the Republican party because those who honor the Constitution and, thus, the eligibility mandate, will not vote for him. Obama and his subhuman letches have already shown their contempt for the Constitution as a whole, over the past four years.  They would not honor the eligibility law anyway.  Their vote is motivated by a hatred for others, not love for America.”
Johannson says that Obama’s fraudulent presidency has poisoned the electorate’s understanding of the Constitutional eligibility law with a four year criminal deception and document forgery which was contrived specifically to take advantage of three types of inferiorly minded voters.  He describes them as, “Those who are ignorant about the Constitutional eligibility mandate; Those who were conned into feeling ashamed of themselves based on a media-driven, false sense of racial inequality which forced them to fear guilt and persecution for not voting for someone they were told was entitled to be the first ‘black’ president, and;  Those who continue to have what he refers to as a dissonant mental illness built upon “Bush” derangement syndrome which is an irrational hatred for anyone who questions Obama’s righteousness.
“The biggest problem for anyone who would vote or Obama or a Romney/Rubio ticket, is that they are forgetting who their opposition is,” warns Johannson, “They are forgetting that ‘eligibility’ Constitutionalists are the vintage descendants of the greatest revolutionary army in human history.  These are the offspring of a divinely deployed warrior class who defeated the greatest military force on earth in the 1700’s and who liberated an entire continent from the most evil regime in history in the 1940’s.  Obama can’t threaten them and Romney can’t win against them.  The vane of God’s truth points right through their heart.”
Some more shocking points of view indicate that many Americans will “write off” America as a lost society if Romney is allowed to run with Rubio as a running mate.  Having suffered the atrocity of Obama’s fraudulent presidency for four years, they have began evacuating to a psychological paradigm which is described by biblical prophecy as an ‘end times’ egression.
“That is the point where God’s people, vintage Americans included, have been brought to a universal mindset and realize this world, under the corrupt government of evil men, is in its final death throes before the apocalypse of Christ’s authority is revealed,” says Johannson.
“At that point, we stop caring about who the president is because, whoever he or she is, they are doomed to perish with their abettors under God’s crushing judgment anyway.”
But, Johannson says it is not too late.
“We can still change the tide, but, we must return to truth and repentance to God.  We must not allow the rule of illegitimate politics of fraudulent leaders and the transient social lusts of a deranged populous to steal our hearts and minds like those who are possessed by Obama are,” he says.
“If we will pray with due passion for God’s love and mercy, he will redeem us.  He will hear us.  He will not abandon us.  He will intervene on our behalf.  The price he paid was too heavy to allow us to perish if we seek his salvation.”
“Then again, maybe the default election of Ron Paul would solve all of our problems.  What other option do we have at that point…abstinence?”
Rubio continues to fend off those who are pushing for his nomination saying, “I can only tell you how I am qualified to be a senator from Florida.  That is my job right now.”


  1. Although I agree with the fact that Rubio is ineligible, I am so desperate to get rid of Obama that I would still vote for Romney/Rubio regardless.

    • I would rather have someone like Allen West or Paul Ryan. Someone that could do the job if something would happen to Romney.

      • I agree with both of you choices 1dragon I thik that West would make us Strong in the area of foreign and military strengths if Romney will give him the power to be a real VP!

      • I still find it IMPOSSIBLE to think or believe Romney will be a good President.

  2. I would not vote for a Romney/Rubio ticket as it would show I have no regard for the Constitution as do the Democrats. A possible and favorable outcome of that ticket would be a new party of Conservatives and those who value the Founding Fathers ideals for our country. The Republicans too many times have supported RINO’s who are out and out liberals. This would be the proverbial straw that severs me from those who call themselves Republicans.
    I was thinking of writing an article for my blog on this, thanks, I don’t have time to do it.

  3. Rubio is a good man. I like him; however, it is NOT legal to be VP

  4. First off I have to say that if there is a Romney/Rubio ticket, and people vote for them JUST to get rid of Obumma, then that mentality is no better- no different than what got Obumma where he is in the first place. Second of all, I am EXTREMELY PROUD to be one of the “Vintage Americans”, decended of Americans who served and fought for America. A member of the “Warrior Class”. I too would fight- and if need be- die for my country and my family. What so many do not understand is that it may very well come to this point, that Real Americans may very well have to come together and fight for our country- to take it back from the Elitest, the self-entitled, lieing political and financial ruling body now in “Control”. Race, age, religion, sexual orientation (read Gay or not Gay), and even political parties will have to be put aside and “American” or “Not American” be put in its place. This time, this choice is almost upon us. There WILL BE a fight. What kind of fight it will be, and who wins, is up to the citizens of The United States of America.

  5. D1969….my fear is that it will end up very bloody in the U.S fighting for Her Life to exist as she was intended to be….A Free Country that Our Founding Fathers intended it to be.

  6. I completely agree. Problem is, I don’t see any other way. Obumma and his buddies have lots of people brainwashed with bullsh** and there is no way of getting through to them. I hear it everyday on the radio talk shows. Its “Obumma” this and “Obumma” that- not “America”. It doesn’t matter he’s illegal, or he has trampled on the Constitution, or just how many illegal and treasonous acts he has performed. By the time the koolade wears off we will either be invaded and conquered, be economically bankrupted into national poverty(except for obumma and co.), be owned by another country, a complete Dictatorship, or any combination of the afore mentioned. By then it will be too late. And it will take those things happening before most of these people to wake up. Obumma knows this. I’m betting he’s betting on it, so as to make the transition quick and easy. National Law. One World Order. The only thing in his way is us- Die Hard Americans. Ones that live and breathe our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. We are his enemy. The FEMA camps our planned future homes(read containment). I, and a few others, don’t plan on allowing it to go that far. At least not without a fight. Now, of course I’m a “Domestic Terror Suspect” because of my beliefs and my willingness to fight for my country. That’s just how turned around he has people thinking. And I believe it will get worse- much worse- before it gets better.

  7. Okay Guys, We are Patriots, despite what Barry and the Boys say or think but don’t give up just yet.

  8. eliwhit
    Let’s see who he picks. Then we can go from there.

  9. upaces88
    If you listen to certain people……….the Tea Party is not dead and the sleeping giant is now awake.

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