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Obama will officially launch his 2012 re-election campain, and no I’m not kidding, on  Karl Marx’s birthday, May 5th!  First, we learn that Earth Day was started on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the Communist butcher and founder of the USSR, now we learn that Barack Obama, America’s first Marxist president, is launching his campaign on the father of communism’s birthday?  Come on, now.  This is just too appropriate!  How fitting!
Coincidence?  Stupid oversight?  Or, an intentional middle-finger in the face of the American people? Considering Obama’s new “Forward” campaign slogan is a recycled Marxist slogan, used by Vladimir Lenin and others throughout history, I think we know the unfortunate answer.


  1. The man is NOT stupid….he has to either know this or planned it this way!

  2. And, we will never hear a word about it form him……I hate this man.

  3. 1dragon…the FIRST time I found out how the media has a gag in their mouths was during the Bush election. There was a Channel 5:WFAA in Ft Worth news man who was fired for giving everyone the background on Bush and his, alleged, Military Career. After all, that was his job.
    I see him every now and then in bit parts in movies. The last time I saw him, he played a cop in the Tommy Lee Jones Movie: “In the Electric Mist.”
    But, this is why news commentators are on edge when they try to tell us everything (with the exception of Judge Napolitano)
    See my next post: It is too long to copy and paste into here.

  4. It’s now well established that George W. Bush never showed up for National Guard duty for a period of approximately one year, possibly more, in 1972-1973. Despite all the talk about “honor and dignity,” Bush seems to have a problem meeting his commitments.

    Bush says he’s released all his records…if that’s true, then has anyone seen:

    Any pages from Bush’s flight log
    Records from the Flight Inquiry Board convened after Bush was suspended as a pilot
    Any evidence of Bush’s reclassification into another AFSC after suspension as a pilot
    Any photos of George Bush in a military uniform after 1972
    Anything at all from any Alabama unit with Bush’s name on it
    Any copies of form 44a from the Alabama National Guard certifying attendance
    Air Force Form 142 (Aviation Service Audit Worksheet)
    Anything proving service (not just receipt of pay) by Bush between May 1972 and May 1973?
    AWOL—-absent for 30 days or less.
    Desertion—–absent for more than 30 days with evidence of no intent to return to duty.
    Is he guilty of one or both? You read the facts here and decide.

    This is not the story of a search for missing records. We have the pertinent records.

    This is not a hunt for credible eyewitnesses and first hand statements. The officers involved have stepped forward. We have their testimony and we have the signed statements of those no longer living.

    This is the story of how George Walker Bush walked away from a years duty while in the National Guard.

    And, this is the story of how he has thus far gotten away with it.

    “I continued flying with my unit for the next several years…”

    That statement is an outright LIE, which means the person making it is a LIAR.



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