12 thoughts on “Obama says his father served in World War II

  1. Focus! this is a distraction.

  2. Oh, yes… and in one speech he stated that he served under George Patton….However! The unit he stated…doesn’t exist.

  3. A real pathological liar.

  4. His father was Kenyan and would of had to been in the British Services and never was anyway. Nearly everything that comes out of obama’s mouth is a lie.

    • Why do you think he uses a teleprompter, he needs all the help he can get to keep all the lies straight.

  5. Did he realllly think we are that stupid we wouldn’t put it together?

    • He thinks everyone is stupid.

      • Yeeaaah, I noooo. Everyday, he comes up another notch to again make the U.S. look like we are ruled by a 3rd world leader. I looked it up a couple of weeks ago, and I fear the figures are even worse by now. The U.S. non-freedom index rose from 37 on the list to 47 in a couple of weeks.

  6. upaces88
    The Change sucks.

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