TSA Defends Treating 4-Year-Old Like Terrorist

By Todd Starnes, Fox News & Commentary

A Montana woman said Transportation Security Administration officers at  Wichita Mid-Continent Airport declared her four-year-old daughter a “high  security threat” after the child hugged her grandmother at a security checkpoint — and called for backup after the little girl refused their demands to stop  crying.

Michelle Brademeyer wrote about the incident on her Facebook page and said  she is absolutely furious over how the TSA treated her young daughter.

The TSA confirmed to Fox News that an incident occurred at the airport — but  defended the way their officers handled the situation.

Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/tsa/2012/04/24/tsa-defends-treating-4-year-old-terrorist#ixzz1sztd3kk5

One thought on “TSA Defends Treating 4-Year-Old Like Terrorist

  1. I wonder if these TSA idiots would be offended if someone dumped a couple of rounds in each of their heads after mistreating one of my children boarding an airplane. These people have got to be the stupidist bunch of sons of bitches on earth!

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